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Effortlessly Romantic And Super Chic Honeymoon Shoot In Mauritius | Sindhuja & Arjun

By TGB Desk / On January 18th, 2018

Hi Everyone!

So how is everyone’s New Year going so far? Are you someone who believes in setting goals for the New Year? Or do you think that setting up New Year goals is a cliché? Goals or no goals, we think it’s a good practice to set up positive intentions for the year ahead. Isn’t it?

While we are on goals, we have recently come across a fun, romantic honeymoon shoot in Mauritius and it is definitely vacation goals. Last Thursday, we shared an engagement ceremony of a super stylish bride that had us all searching for our wallets to go shopping for Kanjeevarams. And we are absolutely sure today’s honeymoon shoot will make us explore travel websites for the next flight to Mauritius. No, really!

This couple has opted for a local photographer for this shoot and feel that’s the best decision. “It was absolutely hassle free and we had all the time in the world. There was no rush whatsoever and we could actually enjoy the shoot!” says Sindhu with a smile.

Alright, we’ll let you scroll down to check out their lovely pictures…

“The excitement began the moment we both decided on Mauritius as our honeymoon destination. We always wanted to go to a seaside town and moreover, my husband is an adventure freak. He is not the type who would loll around the pool with a piña colada in hand,” says the new bride with a lovely smile. She looks gorgeous with a fresh tan from the beach. “Don’t get me wrong – nothing wrong with lazing under an umbrella on the beach, but not my cup of tea! I love some action!” laughs Arjun.

“I have never done any adventure sports before and am very scared of heights. He tricked me into trying parasailing. I just couldn’t bring myself to open my eyes and was constantly praying,” chuckles Sindhu and says “Now when I look back, it seems funny. But was totally terrified until Arjun coaxed me to open my eyes and see the view below. And when I opened my eyes, the view that I saw was breathtaking! Oh, I really cannot describe that experience!” says Sindhuja. The joy and excitement in her eyes very evident. “See, didn’t I tell you that you would enjoy? There is nothing, absolutely nothing, that can match the high of adventure sports,” grins Arjun. “Huh! But landing was altogether a life-altering experience!” she winks.

“To be honest, it was absolute fun! Waking up to a dreamy landscape, breakfast with a pleasant sea view, romantic candle light dinners, adrenaline rush inducing adventure sports, good food & wine, enthralling Mauritian dance, life during those few days was peaceful and beautiful! I think I am starting to get jealous of my own vacation!” guffaws Sindhu before signing off!

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