Effortlessly Chic And Utterly Romantic Pre Wedding Shoot That Will Definitely Make Your Heart Flutter | Sujhana Naganna & Nihar Vuppalapati

By TGB Desk / On April 4th, 2018

Hello again!

We are thrilled to bits to be able to share this romantic and playful pre-wed shoot with all of you. And we are excited for three reasons –
1. Sujhana & Nihar are all kinds of adorable and the chemistry between them is unbelievable. Its always fun to watch a happy couple!
2. The location of the couple shoot – Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory. Definitely this lovely location added a wonderful dimension to the shoot.
3. Katrin Photo – Her photography style is incredible. What we like the most is the way she captured the oh-so-delicious camaraderie between the charming couple. And her monochrome pictures are nothing less than art!

Psst…Want to know what really stole our hearts? The bride’s dimpled smile! Yes, you heard it right! Her beautiful smile can actually warm the hearts in the winter cold of New York City. Don’t believe us, check for yourself! 🙂

How We Met

“We met through common friends. And the rest, as they say, is history!”

“I know that doesn’t even qualify to be called a short story. But, you see, I was planning to spill the beans in my wedding post, so stay tuned for that,” Sujhana says and flashes one of her bright smiles.

Finding A Photographer

Choosing the photographer was no easy task. The amount of time I spent going through the photographer listings, portfolios, reviews, and their work was incredible. The kind of research I have done is enough to earn me a PHD in Nuclear Science (had I put the same effort in that subject)! After having gone through heaps of websites and reading tonnes of reviews, I finally found Katrin Albert. Her deep passion for photography was evident from her work. I was really impressed with her portfolio. The expressions, the timing, and the artistry in her photos were just on point. I decided to get our photo shoot done by her. She gave us most gorgeous magazine-worthy pictures. Can’t thank her enough for that!

The Date

After having settled the photographer, we managed to navigate through multiple logistical issues, and finally schedule the shoot on September 30th, 2017.

The Location

Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory has been one of our all-time favourite locations. My fiancé and I have always loved that location. One can’t help but be mesmerised by the views of New York City from those surroundings. Oh, and by the way, the ice cream is amazing too!


My Outfit
I searched for the perfect dress for the occasion for about 3 weeks! After searching every single shop in New York City, I was giving up hope that I would find exactly what I wanted. But, just one week before the shoot, I finally found the dress of my dreams! The dress was stunning with intricate work. The moment I laid my eyes on it, I fell in love for the second time (the first time I fell in love with Nihar, you see)! 

Fiance’s Outfit
Does anyone really care? Just kidding. We purchased his outfit in flat one hour. His shopping was all sorted in a flash. Men are men. Huh!
It was really depressing. How can anyone find a perfect outfit in less than an hour? Don’t you think they should put in more effort even if they find their stuff quickly? Well, I at least think so!

The day of the shoot

On the day of our shoot, I was thrilled to bits and worried to the core at the same time. I was excited for obvious reasons. But was anxious as my fiancé is a little (‘a little’? come on, who am I kidding?) camera shy. Nevertheless, we met Katrin in the evening and she turned out to be a friendly and fun person to be around. She instantly made us comfortable and feel at home. She asked us not to worry about getting a photo shoot done in a usually touristy and crowded place. The cold and the crowd didn’t bother us, we managed to soldier through it, and got some amazing pictures by the end of it. The whole shoot lasted for one hour, and we managed to get photos in all our favourite locations in the neighbourhood. It was absolute fun!

Funny Moment

Every time I think about the photo shoot, I remember a small incident which makes me smile. At one point, Katrin who was choreographing our poses asked Nihar to pretend to say something in my ear. Being the shy person that he is, I was not expecting him to say anything. But to my surprise, he started singing a really funny song in a whisper. I cracked up so hard at this, and couldn’t control my laughter. But that moment turned out to be one of my favourite captures from that evening.

Thanks to Sujhana & Nihar for sharing these beautiful pictures with us. Many Congratulations to both of you!!!

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