Do You Know Why A Telugu Bride Is Carried To The Wedding Altar In A Bamboo Basket?

By TGB Desk / On February 23rd, 2017

Hello Ladies….miss my blogs? I missed checking out gorgeous pictures, reading beautiful wedding stories and all of you who make it a point to read my blogs everyday. A wedding in the family had kept me super busy and away from work for a few days. So after a small break, am well rested and all set to take a deep dive into my favourite activity – blogging. Wedding blogging, to be precise! 🙂
When I opened my inbox today morning, my jaw dropped looking at all the gorgeousness! Among all the lovely pics the one pic that caught my eye was that of a beautiful Telugu bride being carried in an ornate basket by a few gentlemen to the wedding altar!

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To be honest, that one picture triggered today’s post. One of our team members looked at that picture thoughtfully and exclaimed “what could be the reason behind this tradition of carrying the bride in a bamboo basket by her maternal uncle(s)?”

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We at TGB love beautiful wedding traditions, and even more so the real meaning behind those traditions! So we delved deep into the Hindu mythology and scriptures and have come up with the real reason behind this custom. We are sure you would be surprised to know more about it!

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The Story goes….
As per Hindu mythology, without a woman on his side a man is forbidden from performing his religious duties. This is why the arrival of a new bride at her husband’s house is celebrated with great fervour. A married woman referred to as “Saubhaagyawati” (personification of good fortune) brings peace, hope, happiness and prosperity to a household.

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The Gift Of A Daughter
Kanyaadaan is a ritual where the family of the girl gives her away as a gift to the groom’s family. As per Hindu tradition, the groom is considered as Lord Vishnu and so the daughter who is considered as personification of Goddess Lakshmi is given away as gift to him.

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It’s believed that any gift has to be placed in a vessel before it’s given away. Else, it doesn’t qualify as a gift! That’s the reason why the bride-to-be is made to sit in a bamboo basket and brought to the wedding mandap for the Kanyaadaan ritual.

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The bamboo basket is decorated with turmeric and vermilion and is lined with unprocessed rice grains symbolizing prosperity.The bride performs Gauri pooja while being seated in the basket called Pellikuthuru Gampa or Butta (meaning a basket used to carry the bride).

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Just before the Kanyaadaan ritual the bride is carried to the mandapam (altar) by the maternal uncles.

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Now you may be wondering why the responsibility of bringing the bride to the wedding mantap is given to the maternal uncle(s). A maternal uncle’s blessings are sought on every important occasion in the life of a girl. And so, it is but natural that he is requested to accompany the bride on the most important day of her life.

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Also in the olden days, it’s a common practice (in few communities in South India) to give the daughter away to her maternal uncle in marriage. This custom is no more prevalent in today’s society. Most probably this practice of maternal uncle accompanying the bride is introduced to let everyone know that the wedding is being performed with his consent and blessings.

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A few might argue that a girl isn’t an object to give away as a gift! On the face of it, it seems so. But when you understand the deeper meaning behind the tradition it becomes clear that the real gift is “Gift of Life”! It’s the woman who helps a man in carrying forward his family name and lead a meaningful life. And therefore, a gift of daughter is considered as one of the greatest gifts!!!

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PS: This custom was started when the girls were married off before they reached the age of eight (yes, you heard it right!!!) and so they could be easily lifted in a basket. We should salute all the maternal uncles who do it even today, when the marriageable age of the girls is well above eighteen, respecting the tradition!! And that too with a smile!!! 🙂
Hope you enjoyed reading this post!!
Stay Happy!!!

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