Do You Know The Reason Why We Adorn The Threshold Of A Wedding House With Mango Leaves?

By TGB Desk / On March 12th, 2017

It’s really amazing how a wedding can transform everything. Even a very normal looking house gets dressed up to look gorgeous and sparkling in anticipation of the arrival of the new bride!

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Have always loved to look at the wedding house where garlands of flamboyant orange marigolds and resplendent green mango leaves are hung over the threshold. In South India, in addition to mango leaves & marigolds, chrysanthemums, jasmines, coconut leaves and banana leaves are also used in the wedding decor. A front yard looking sparkling with turmeric smeared threshold, colourful rangolis and the fresh floral decor is a sight for sore eyes!

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I am pretty sure that for most of you any festivity begins by decorating the house. This practice of beautifying the house for festivals and weddings with garlands of flowers and leaves is an ancient Hindu practice. A wedding being a time of great rejoicing and festivity, the house of the bride and the groom are decorated to brighten up the surroundings.

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These adornments lend the venue spectacular beauty and transform a regular house into a special venue. They purify the place and keep the surroundings fragrant with their distinct aroma. Nothing gives a sense of occasion like a beautifully decorated house.

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Significance of Thresholds
As per Vastu Shastra, thresholds have a very important role to play and are considered as transitional spaces. And it’s believed that the main entrance of the house lets the Prana (life force) flow into the house and obstructs the negative energies from entering the house. Therefore, the front door is a very important threshold for any household.

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Haven’t we all seen people place talismans (lucky charms) on their front doors to ward off evil eye?! The front doors of traditional Hindu households have images of various Gods and Goddesses (popular being Ganesha) to bless the inmates and attract good fortune.

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The most revered and popular epic Ramayana forms an important part of Hindu mythology. The story of Rama takes a turn with Sita Mai crossing Lakshman Rekha (threshold) to give alms to the hermit (Raavan in disguise). As per Hindu mythology, It is believed that the threshold of a Hindu household is a tangible manifestation of the Lakshman Rekha.

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It is believed that there is protection within the divine realm of the threshold but once it’s crossed (for whatever reasons) there is no such protection. In other words, one is safe when one chooses to stay within the rules of the civilization!

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Weddings and Thresholds

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The entire household rejoices when a new bride, adorned with sixteen adornments,  enters the house. Aarti is performed for the new bride before she enters the house of her husband and conches are blown as she enters the house. From time immemorial, she is considered as a manifestation of Goddess Lakshmi and is believed to be the harbinger of good fortune. And therefore her arrival is celebrated with great pomp.

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As the bride prepares to enter the house, she is requested to spill a jar full of rice that’s kept at the threshold. It’s believed that this act brings in prosperity and good fortune. In Bengal, the anklet adorned feet of the bride are stained with alta (red dye) and she is asked to enter the house leaving behind a trail of footsteps. This is considered auspicious and an indication of Goddess Lakshmi’s entry into the house!

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She brings with her happiness, hope and that gift that can only be given by a woman – ‘Gift of Life’! For this reason, we have always celebrated the arrival of a girl either as a child or as a bride since time immemorial. Let’s continue to do so!!!

Hope you enjoyed reading this post!

Stay Happy!!

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