Delightfully Fun And Seriously Playful Couple Shoot That Will Make You Go On A Vacation – Kalai & Chandu | Sanjay Hari Photography

By TGB Desk / On September 29th, 2018

Hello Everyone!

We are absolutely delighted to share with you the beautiful couple shoot from the incredible Sanjay Hari Photography

We’ve published some of his work on our social media before and we think he has a very captivating style of photography. This particular couple shoot is as romantic as it gets. You can say that this shoot is what our beach holiday dreams are made of. According to us, the only thing better than the beach shoot is a beach shoot with an adorable couple.

The cute couple whose chemistry is palpable stole the show all the way. Scroll down and check out their pictures and at the end of it, we are sure you would be searching for flight tickets to the nearest beach destination!
Psst…If you really do, don’t forget to take a photographer along to capture the beautiful moments!! 

Aren’t they adorable?!

From the Photographer Sanjay Hari…”I think all the professional photographers have an idea of how a photo shoot will turn out to be. Well, not exactly but quite close. On the day of our shoot, I was super excited but a little anxious (I wouldn’t say nervous) too. Anxious because both Kalai and her fiance were meeting in person for the first time on the day of the shoot. And how can we expect chemistry between a couple thats meeting for the first time. As I feared, he seemed to be a little reserved. So we decided to spend some time getting to know each other before proceeding with the shoot. We spoke over a cup of coffee and shared a laugh or two. Gradually, I sensed that the couple were calm, relaxed and warming up to each other and so started taking some trial shots. But just few minutes into the shoot, all my trepidation was – ah, as they say, blown away by their beautiful camaraderie. The chemistry was oozing between them, you’d think they have been married for years! It was total fun and I could capture some great pictures. They are a dream couple!”

We love how the shoot turned out to be romantic yet playful. Thank you very much Sanjay Hari Photography for sharing this beautiful photo shoot with us.

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