Classy, Chic & Utterly Romantic Pre-Wedding Shoot | Ann & Sai

By TGB Desk / On August 31st, 2016

Pssst! Want to see some beautiful pics? Then check out today’s blog post!
Before I post the pics, I wanted to share an advice from the beautiful and talented photographer Anupa to the soon-to-wed couples going for a couple shoot – “The pre-wedding shoot should reflect the couple’s taste and personal style. Think of something unique to you and include it in your shoot. That way you would have not just great looking pics but also memories for life!”
Check out how Ann & Sai have planned their pre-wedding shoot (with the help of their ever so friendly photog Anupa) that reflects their personal style and tastes so beautifully! Anyone can make out their love for water by just glancing at the pics. Don’t you think so?!

Ann – She is warm hearted, fun loving and a go getter. She loves dancing, socializing and partying. Her hobbies include playing outdoor sports like tennis, shopping, watching romantic movies.
Fun fact: A restless soul – can’t sit in one place for too long!
Sai – He is a smart and sensitive person. Calm and balanced. Highly opinionated and Laid back at times. Hobbies include swimming, travelling. He would love to spend his vacations in a cottage next to the sea where he can go scuba diving.
Fun Fact: His love for cricket statistics exceeds his love for me!! 🙂

Sai loves that Ann is a bundle of energy and Ann loves how supportive he is.
Together, they love to Travel , plan holidays, watch movies, dinner dates, explore new places, learn new things together.

They describe themselves as Fun, energetic and dynamic.

From the Anupa Shah Photography ….”Aside from obvious things to take care such as location and outfits, here are some essential tips to keep in mind for making your couple shoot fun, interesting and memorable –

Understand the photographers’ style and be sure it fits what you want. Then communicate what you want. References, your likes/dislikes, what you both love about each other…these details help a lot in creating a shoot you can own as yours.
It doesn’t always have to be romantic poses. If you are adventurous, quirky, silly, share that with your photographer. They might be thrilled to capture that and have some fun too!
Comfort with your photographer. You wont be able to strike those romantic poses and get comfortable in front of the camera if you aren’t comfortable with the person behind it. Get to know your photographer before your shoot. Maybe ask them what they really want to shoot, it might just be better than your vision, and you get more than what you signed up for.
Have the same photographer for your pre-wedding and wedding. Besides the obvious…a good discount, you and your photographers would have totally broken the ice and that goes a long way during the wedding shoot.”

Have a great week ahead!

Stay Happy!!

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