Classic South Indian Wedding Decor

By TGB Desk / On July 12th, 2016

“It was a beautiful summer morning and a huge crowd, comprising of men, women and children, had gathered at the palace gates. The palace wore a festive look with garlands of marigold flowers and mango leaves adorning its massive walls and elaborately sculpted pillars. Colorful rangolis made of rice flour, haldi, kumkum and flowers adorned the front yard of the Palace. The Maharaja of Chandragiri and his courtiers have just arrived in all their finery with a great display of pomp. They were all waiting for someone with great enthusiasm. A vartahar (person who carried news) has arrived with the news that the groom has entered the city and the festivities started…”

This description of a south Indian wedding venue still holds good even today. Like many wedding traditions, traditional wedding decor has stood the test of time. A classic and traditional wedding decor would go a long way in making the wedding of your little princess into a beautiful life time memory. When I wanted to write about traditional classic South Indian wedding decor, I started browsing pics sent by various vendors. I have to admit that I was just awestruck when I came across the images sent by this vendor 365 Petals. Their work is simply brilliant and their designs are stunning. They have created a beyond perfect ambience for all the pre-wedding rituals, the wedding ceremony and post-wedding rituals. It is gorgeous. I feel they excelled in creating a very elegant wedding decor that can truly make any wedding memorable.  I was really impressed when I came to know that they are the first ISO Certified quality florist.

I would suggest that you take some time out to think about your upcoming wedding and plan about the décor in advance. Let the beautiful wedding décor add charm to your wedding and put a smile on your face!

Here are a few more pics for your reference….

Beautifully decorated Entrance

Eye-catching living room decor for wedding

Brilliantly decorated wedding venue

A close up view

An elegant hand-painted Kalamkari painting used for the stage decoration

An artistically decorated stage for the wedding reception

I hope these wedding decor ideas inspire your imagination!

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