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Blouses With Gorgeous Back Details That Are Redefining Bridal Fashion

By TGB Desk / On March 30th, 2018

Hello Ladies,

We strongly believe that brides should incorporate their personal style into their wedding wardrobe. No bride should look back and regret for something as simple as her fashion choices for her wedding day. A few decades from now, you want to look and smile contentedly at your pictures in your wedding album, right? And whats the best way to ensure it? A wedding ensemble selected as per your tastes and not someone else’s. And if your choice is a blouse with some stunning back details, so be it.

We know what you must be thinking: Isn’t pairing up your wedding (or reception) saree with a backless blouse a little, well, adventurous? Not really, if you ask us. The secret to pulling off this style is to opt for designs that are delicate and whimsical. As for patterns, there are so many that go well with the ‘Muhurtam’ look, depending on how bold you want to go.

PC – Roma Ganesh Photography | Blouse Design – Avani Design Studio

Statement backless blouses with ornate embellishments and innovative designs when paired with a Kanjeevaram (or for that matter any silk saree) can look absolutely stunning and beyond.

We have rounded up some of the best blouses with back designs that were sported by real brides for your inspiration. There are a few suggestions at the end that will help you go backless in style!

So here we go…

PC – The Memory Writers

PC – Photriya Photography | Blouse Design – Rumor Boutique | Hairstyle – Makeup By Suman | Flower Accessories – Pelli Poola Jada

PC – Roma Ganesh Photography |  Blouse Design – Avani Design Studio

PC – Plush Affairs

PC – Roma Ganesh Photography | Blouse – Soumya Nandivada

PC – Sumuhurtham Photography 

PC – Needle Eye Boutique 

PC – Roma Ganesh Photography 

PC – Magic Motion Media 

PC – Bride ‘Gayathri’

PC – Roma Ganesh Photography 

PC – The Silhoutte’s Boutique

PC & Floral Accessories – Jewel Blooms

PC – Light Bucket Productions | Blouse Design – Soumya Nandivada

PC – Needle Eye Boutique 

PC – Magic Motion Media 

A few tips to rock a backless blouse like a pro –

1. Innerwear – We can’t emphasize enough the importance of good inner wear. Talk to your designer beforehand to avoid last-minute stress.
2. Hairstyle – If you ask us, elaborate updo or a chic hair bun is best for a backless blouse. But if you have to wear a Kalyana Jadai (bridal braid adorned with ornaments), then opt for a style that’s neat and chic. A sleek gold jada or braid adorned with jada billai (brooch shaped hair ornaments) with multiple Vaenis go really well with backless blouse. Keep the hairstylist posted about it. And he / she will make sure nothing takes the dramatic effect of the blouse away.
3. Skin Care – Are you prone to acne on your back? Yes? Then make it a point to take an appointment with the Skin specialist well before the actual wedding.
4. Makeup – Oh, and by the way, do let the makeup artist know about your plans to wear a backless blouse. This will give them a chance to come prepared to deal with any minor blemishes or scars.
5. Fitness Regime – Make sure to include exercises for toned back in your daily fitness routine. Speak to your gym trainer today.
6. Accessories – Want to add a little glamour by wearing accessories that accentuate the look of your backless blouse? Go ahead and add some ornaments such as back chain necklaces.
7. Trial & Error – If you are trying it for the first time, then try on different styles to know what suits you best. Please keep in mind that not all necklines suit everyone.
8. Bridal Portaits – Last but not the least, make sure your photographer captures a few shots from behind as well. After all the hard work you have put in, you don’t want to miss out on those pics, right?

So ladies, all set to go backless? Yes? Lovely!!

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