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Bangles Take The Silk Route | Varnin Collection

By TGB Desk / On September 20th, 2016

As cliche as it may sound, I love Facebook! Apart from the pictures that are sent by outrageously talented vendors & photographers, facebook is where i find ideas for my blog posts. It’s unbelievable what you can find there. I would like to thank Mr. Mark Zuckerberg, personally, at some point for what he did! 🙂

So, the other day when I was browsing bridal pics, I have observed that quite a few brides were sporting beautiful silk thread bangles. It’s amazing how these bangles were creating a magical effect.

As usual, I resorted to facebook to find some vendors who deal with silk thread bangles and found this lady who has recently started an online silk thread jewelry store “Varnin” on facebook. Loved her designs (super colourful bangles complete with kundans, beads & stones which can be customised as per your wedding ensemble) and so decided to share a few of her designs and the story behind the venture for your inspiration.

“I started this facebook store on 30th June 2016. I wanted the name to reflect the vibrant colours of these bangles and so came up with “Varnin” which means colourful” says the young entrepreneur, Vinyasa Reddy.

Oh-so-apt name for a page that’s filled up with rainbow colours! What say?!

“It so happened, once I was looking for silk thread bangles for myself and that’s when I found a gap in the market. I realised there is a lot of demand for these bangles but there are not many big players (many women were making these bangles but on a smaller scale). I felt if I can start making these on a bigger scale then I can provide regular work to these women and also bring the price of these bangles down”

“I got my big break when a customer from Vizag placed a large order. Varnin has been stable from it’s inception. Right now we employ a couple of women and they are my pillars of strength and it’s only because of them that I got my product into the market quickly.The fact that a couple of ladies are dependent on this work for their livelihood motivates me to no end.”

“Every client has so far sent a personal message complimenting me as to how they were pleasantly surprised by the amazing quality of our products and great designs”.

“Ideally, we need 1 – 2 days to customise the bangles according to the colour of the wedding ensemble and another 1 – 3 days for delivery. So, a total of 3 – 5 working days is what we take to deliver the product. All those patrons who are out of country can please add a few more days for delivery.”

“We are moving to a new platform – an e-commerce website where the clients can check out our products and place an order directly. We would be providing an option to customise the colours as per their requirement,” Vinyasa says, visibly excited.

“Very soon we would be launching silk thread ear rings / neck pieces and raw silk bangles. I hope to provide employment to more women in near future”

“I work for an MNC and run this venture parallelly. It’s impossible to run the show without the help and support of my family. They oversee and guide the employees as best as they can when I am at work. Am eternally grateful for their support” on that note she signs off.

Include these colourful silk thread bangles in your bridal attire to create your own unique look and style.

Hope you loved reading this post!
Stay Happy!!


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