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Anklets – Whimsical Ornaments That Add Music To Your Footsteps

By TGB Desk / On April 12th, 2018

As per Indian tradition, a married woman is supposed to follow a set beauty regime called ‘Solaah Shringar’ or ‘ Sixteen Ornaments’. Every girl wants to look her best on her wedding day and it is believed that these ornaments make her feel like a princess. Each of these sixteen ornaments is said to enhance the beauty of the woman by beautifying her from head to toe. This beautification process involves traditional makeup, jewelry, floral accessories and painting of body parts. And anklets are one of the sixteen ornaments (read about sixteen adornments here).

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Anklets are usually made of silver and the jingle sound of the anklets is considered very auspicious. A daughter is considered as a manifestation of Goddess Lakshmi and the lilting sound emanating from her anklets is believed to be announcing the arrival of goddess of wealth. They say Lakshmi (or wealth) stays in the house which reverberates with the sounds of the anklets of daughter-in-law(s). So let’s welcome daughters!!!

In olden days, women were given utmost respect and not all subjects were discussed in front of her. Its said that the anklets announce the arrival of the woman before hand and the menfolk of the family would change the subject if in case something inappropriate was being discussed. Psst….But why exactly are they discussing something inappropriate in the first place??!

Story Time, Folks!

The legend has it that the city of Hyderabad has prospered for centuries because of Charminar and a special resident of Charminar. And the resident is none other than Goddess Maha Lakshmi. Once upon a time, in 17th century Hyderabad, Goddess Lakshmi was enraged with King Tana Shah for some reason and she decided to leave the city for good. She informed a guard (whose duty was to keep her from leaving the city) of her decision to leave the city. He refused to give her permission to do so. But upon her insistence, the guard requested her to stay put until he informs the king and returns. He went to the king but never came back and she stayed back respecting her promise. He sacrificed for the well-being of his city which came to be known as ‘Bhagya Nagaram’ (The City of Wealth). It is said that the beautiful sounds of her anklets could still be heard sometimes.

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Next time you visit Hyderabad, do not forget to visit the Bhagyalakshmi temple located adjacent to the historic monument Charminar!

Benefits of Anklets

They say a human body is an electromagnetic field. It’s believed that hands and feet discharge energy on a constant basis and precious metals such as Gold & Silver block the energy from being released and re-vibrate it back into the body. Also they help us in being protected from negative energy fields.

In addition, it is also said that they activate lymph glands in the body and boost immunity. These ornaments are believed to regulate the blood circulation and thereby help us in reducing inflammation & swelling in feet.
We are not sure about these health benefits but are very sure of its beauty benefits!

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The Silver Lining

Traditionally, Hindu women wear anklets made of silver. This is because Gold is considered as metal of Goddess Lakshmi and is therefore sacred. Wearing gold anklets on their ankles is deemed as disrespect to Lakshmi. But brides of some communities are allowed to wear gold anklets as a bride is considered as a manifestation of Mahalakshmi on her wedding day.

From the flexible to inflexible and from whimsical & dainty to sturdy & chunky, we’ve rounded up all types of anklets for your perusal –

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Stunning, right? 

So which one is your favourite pattern? We just love the delicate ones with a cute little gold pearl.

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