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Andal Kondai – Traditional Tamil Iyengar Hairstyle

By TGB Desk / On August 5th, 2016

I really love south Indian wedding hairstyle and am always on the look out for the next perfect poolajada (braided hair adorned with flowers). The thing is, each poola jada is better than the previous one and so the hunt is never ending. I have recently witnessed a traditional Iyengar wedding and was enamoured by the bridal hairstyle. The bride wore the quintessential madisar and a kalyana jadai (wedding hair do) but she also wore a bun on one side of the hair parting and accessorized it with flowers and gold ornaments. She was looking gorgeous and charming. I found it unique and beautiful. I had to find out all about it and so my research started then and there with me interviewing a lady sitting next to me. She has so enthusiastically explained it to me and after speaking to her I din’t feel the need to talk about it to anybody. I knew what that hairstyle is called – Andal Kondai. And why it was sported by the Iyengar brides.

As per the tradition, the groom is considered and revered as Lord Vishnu on the day of the wedding by Shri Vaishnavaites (People who worship Lord Vishnu). And the bride is considered as Goddess Andal (manifestation of Goddess Bhudevi). The wedding is seen as a symbolic wedding between Lord Vishnu and Goddess Andal (also called as Godha Devi). Therefore, during the mangalasutra dharana ritual (tying of the sacred knot ceremony) the Iyengar bride’s attire is similar to that of Andal. She wears a 9 yards madisar saree and dons a bun with side pointing cone in hair. In addition, she also dons a kalyana jadai or poolajada or a bun at the back of the neck.

PC: Nagendra Mayya Photography

On this auspicious Sravana Sukravaram, I thought I would post a few pics of the brides with Andal kondai hairstyle…..

Isn’t this bride looking like gorgeous Andal herself?

                                      PC: Duet Photography

This hairdo is really very cute. What say?

PC: Photriya Photography

Traditional Andal kondai…

PC: Yadhu Photography

Beautiful bride with the traditional hairdo

PC: Duet Photography

Andal kondai with poola jada

PC: Pelli Poola Jada

Hope you liked this traditional hair do sported by the gorgeous Iyengar brides!

Have a wonderful weekend!!

Stay Happy!!!

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