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An Ultra-Chic Kerala Wedding in Phuket | Sasikala & Britto

By TGB Desk / On August 19th, 2016

Before you read any further, cancel your appointments, grab some popcorn and then settle down in some quiet corner of your home. No, seriously! What you are going to see and experience is a perfect recipe for “an afternoon well spent”. I am totally in awe of the pictures sent to me by Radhika Pandit of Serendipitous smiles. Her photography is awesome. She is one of the photographers who has captured this dream wedding of Kochi based couple Sasikala Kaladharan and Britto. It has everything to qualify to be called a fairytale wedding – stunning oceanfront beach ceremony, turquoise waves, dazzling sky, exotic blooms, dreamy decor, beautiful blend of rituals from two cultures and a gorgeous couple.

Ready to get started? Here we go…

From the photographer Radhika Pandit of Serendipitous Smiles…..”Phuket in Thailand recently was the venue for a big fat Kerala wedding. The marriage of Sasikala, daughter of a tycoon in shipping industry, and Britto, a noted research scientist at the Montan University Austria, was held in Phuket with all aplomb and panache.

More than 500 guests, over 40 artists and three days of celebrations. The numbers could be way less for a typical Kerala wedding. Celebrities like Narain, Jojo, Martin Prakkat, Liberty Basheer, Renjith Paul and others were also part of the celebration.

The massive wedding celebration which was handled by Rainmaker Events & Weddings event company embraced all the aspects of both the Kerala culture and that of Thailand. It had the flavour of Naushad’s famous biriyani and traditional Kerala sadhya served, for which they took the chefs to Phuket.

The Daawat-e-Mehendi saw the Serng Kratip Khoa performers – North Eastern Thai long drum musicians and dancers.On the “Why This Kolaveri Nite” evening guests dressed in specially imported Sri Lankan lungis, sunshades and half saris. The band Thaikkudam Bridge and a specially orchestrated ensemble by Stephan Devassy were the highlights.

Themes and dress codes for all events were designed. A North Indian and Thai fused Mehendi ceremony named Daawat-E-Mehendi, a South Indian themed Sangeet, Why This Kolaveri Nite, a conventional Hindu Kerala wedding with traditional sashay and a traditional Thai wedding called Thai Vows followed by Cherry Blossom themed western reception called Sakura Ball completed the grand event.”

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