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By TGB Desk / On November 25th, 2017

Hello Everyone!

The photo shoots from Foto Freaks never fail to completely overwhelm us every single time. When they shared these pictures from a Dhoti ceremony (coming of the age ceremony) thrown for an adventurous teenager, we were just floored by the extravagance and beauty of the event. What we loved the most was the fact that no detail was left to chance. Seriously, if you ever thought that you can never witness a Dhoti ceremony that was elegantly regal, well think again! The mother of this 14-year-old boy planned and executed this event that’s fit for a crown prince!

This celebration has been aesthetically captured by Jithendra of Foto Freaks.

Alright, without further ado, we will let you scroll down and check out the beautiful pictures –

Who ever said guys can’t carry traditional jewelry well?!

From the Mother Meghana…My son was born on November 25, 2002. As a child, he was bubbly and inquisitive. When he was little, he used to have ice cream in a rather strange manner. He used to wait for the ice cream to melt and then used to drink it. We once went to Bali (along with 4 year old Hritivik) and my husband very lovingly bought him a huge ice cream sundae. When he found Hritivik holding the ice cream for a very long time without a bite missing, he just lost his cool and asked him “What’s wrong with you? Why don’t you eat the damn ice cream?” in a very irritated tone. Little Hritvik responded in the same tone “I am ULFAR and that’s why I can’t!” and just left. My husband looked at me puzzled and asked me the meaning of the word ULFAR. Now, how am I supposed to know? But the confidence with which he used the word made us think, for a second, that it was some meaningful word! We all burst out laughing. Come to think of it, that kid who was bent upon stirring up his ice cream before having it is stirring up a cloud of dust as he races his horse in an arena! Oh, how time flies!!

When he grows up, my son wants to be an actor. When he was a little boy, he saw a very popular Telugu movie – Magadheera (directed by famous director SS Rajamouli). That was the day he decided to become an actor. The main protagonist of the movie is an expert horse rider and so Hritvik started learning horse riding at a very young age. Initially, we thought it was just a passing fad. But he proved us all wrong with his sincerity and dedication. In all these years, I never had to wake him up for his early morning horse riding lessons. Not even one single day! Can you believe it? Very soon, he would be moving out for college. He wants to learn film making and eventually act in some Hollywood movies. I really feel proud when I see him pursuing his passion with so much devotion. Let’s hope he succeeds in his mission.

The inspiration behind Hritivik’s Dhoti outfit was all things related to race – horses and cars! He loves horse racing and has won several awards. He also loves Ferrari sports cars. So we wanted a motif that represents his passion. You can see a couple of rearing horses (similar to the one found on Ferrari cars) on his long coat that’s worn over dhoti. The colour combination and the design were suggested by me. Ramya of R For Rupamani has done a wonderful job. 

We celebrated his coming of the age ceremony amidst close friends and family. What I love about the whole event is that my son enjoyed himself thoroughly. And the entire event was beautifully captured by Foto Freaks. A million thanks to them for capturing those lovely moments for posterity.

Thank you to Meghana for agreeing to share the pictures of her Son’s Dhoti ceremony. 

Here’s wishing the birthday boy Hritvik Chigurupati our best!!

Stay Happy!!!

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