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Amazing Floral Accessories For Little Girls | Kids Poolajadas

By TGB Desk / On July 18th, 2017

Over the weekend on Sunday, we received a call from one of our team members. She wanted to know if she could bring her daughter along with her to work as her helper has taken off and there was no one to look after the kid at home (Yes, we were working on a Sunday!). We said we would be more than happy to welcome an adorable little girl and so in walked a wide-eyed kid dressed in a pattu pavada and two pigtails . A pattu pavada on a Sunday?! I was pleasantly surprised but I felt this was an unusual wardrobe choice for a five-year old girl. So I struck a conversation with her and here is an excerpt…

Me – “Hey…do you like wearing pavadas?”

Ankita – “Yes, grandma gifts me a pavada for every festival. They don’t let me wear these to school, so I wear them at home on Sundays. My grandma says I should have one pavada in each colour of the rainbow. And she has promised me to make a poola jada for this Varalakshmi vratham” she says with twinkling eyes and a little grin.

Ah, grandma’s love! It’s such a delicious feeling to have someone out there who loves you no matter what. A smile flickers on my lips as I slip back into my childhood. My grand mother used to make her trademark chrysanthemum poola-jadas for all her grand daughters during Sravana masam. On the day designated for poola jada, she used to pluck fresh flowers from our garden early in the morning. After treating us to a sumptuous breakfast consisting of piping hot, fluffy idlis or yummy katte pongal with tangy chutneys, she would set to work. And the poola jadas used to be ready in no time. And all the cousins used to go to the temple dressed in our silk pavadais, swishing our beautiful poola jadas over our shoulders. Such fragrant memories!

Sravana masam is fast approaching and it’s the time for festivals, vrathams and weddings. With the traditional pavadas and halfsaris making a comeback, there is no dearth of boutiques catering to traditional kids wear. But what about poola jadas? Do the little girls in metro cities (who do not have easy access to large gardens or grandma’s love) have to forego this tradition and settle for matching fancy hair accessories instead? Do they have to be deprived of the joy of wearing these beautiful floral accessories? 

The answer is a ‘No”. Luckily we’ve got the wonderful team from Pelli Poola Jada who have revived this disappearing tradition. They have mastered the art of making poola jadas and were successful in taking the poola jada tradition to the next level!

Here are a few pictures, that are really high on cuteness quotient, for your reference –

Adorable, isn’t it?

Want to make your little one’s poola-jada dreams come true? Check out a huge collection of hand crafted poola jadas here.

Oh and by the way, while you are checking out their kids poola-jadas, take a look at their floral accessories for you as well. They have a huge collection of poola-jadas for everyone. 

Stay Happy!!

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