A Traditional Engagement Ceremony (Uruthi) That Will Definitely Win Over Your Heart | Thenu Sri & Chakravarthy

By TGB Desk / On January 23rd, 2018

Hello Everyone and Happy Tuesday!

Today’s engagement ceremony is full of gorgeous details that are totally steal-worthy for your wedding. No, seriously! The bride’s attire would make your heart sing, the photography will make your jaw drop, the bright floral decor will definitely brighten your day and the event as a whole will make it to your favourite list!

Thenu and Chakravarthy got engaged in a traditional Uruthi ceremony and their day was beautifully captured by none other than the top wedding photographer, Amar Ramesh from Studio A.

The first thing that you’ll notice when you scroll through these wedding pictures is the bride’s gorgeous (a serious understatement!) Kanjeevaram saree from Antique collection by Tulsi Silks. The beautiful saree in a unique colour combination combined with diamond jewelry gives a traditional, yet chic look!

So excited to scroll down? Alright, we will let you (that way we are absolutely generous, you see)…

Fashion Tidbit: This lovely pink Kanjeevaram saree is adorned with Rudraksha motifs all over the body of the saree and has a heavy navy blue border (with traditional Yali, Mayil & floral motifs). It’s considered auspicious to wear a saree with Rudraksha motifs for traditional ceremonies & religious festivities. 

Psst…Check out the diamond Rakodi (with peacock motif) & the diamond jasmine Vaeni (gajra)! It’s stunning, right?

Here comes the bride!

How We Met

“Oh, I goofed up big time (or at least I thought so back then) when we met the first time,” says Thenu and adds “Okay, let me start from the start. It’s an arranged marriage and both the families decided that we would get introduced at a temple. So when we all had exchanged pleasantries, his aunt introduced him to me in a unique style. She said ‘This is Chakravarthy! Vishnu Chakravarthy!’ and taking the cue, my mom said, ‘This is Thenu! Thenu Sri!!’. Immediately, he took a step forward and, folded his hands in a big Vanakkam (Namaste). Precisely at that moment, I burst out laughing hysterically. The way my mom and his aunt introduced us reminded me of how James Bond introduces himself – ‘The name is Bond. James Bond’. Everyone (including Chakravarthy) looked perplexed as, obviously, they didn’t find anything funny. The elders spoke for a short while and we left without any further conversation. I was mortified. I must have mentally chided myself a hundred times for causing the confusion and perhaps embarrassing the prospective groom. I so wanted to apologize to him. But the chances of a second meeting seemed bleak and so I felt a little sad.”

“Really? Why did you think that I wouldn’t want to meet you again? In fact, I was waiting for a chance to meet you. I really liked the way you laughed that day. Your laughter has a nice ring to it. And I was absolutely amused by it all,” says Chakravarthy.

“Yeah, now I know that. But back then, I felt really awkward to meet him the second time and so was very nervous. And this time the venue was a restaurant. I was feeling a little jittery when I entered the restaurant. I looked around and there he was with a sunny smile and a bunch of red roses. Oh, that was the moment when the whole world blurred and I could hear a hundred violins play the most romantic song in the world!” laughs Thenu. And we agree with what he says about her laughter – it’s absolutely infectious!

“We got engaged in a beautiful ceremony with the blessings of both the families. Oh, and by the way, do you know something? He gifted me gold jhumkas on our engagement day. His first gift! They are totally gorgeous!” says Thenu, with the glee of a child. And her eyes sparkle brighter than the gold jhumkas!

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