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A Sneak Peek Into A Fashionista’s Wardrobe – Five Timeless Fashion Finds In My Closet | Meghna Kohli Vachher

By TGB Desk / On May 4th, 2018

Hello Again!

We just love our brainstorming sessions here at TGB HQ! We all huddle in our conference room and gorge on popcorn till we come up with an amazing idea. Last Sunday, during one of our sessions, we got distracted (one reason why we love BS sessions!) for a while and started discussing about celebrity wardrobes. We usually discuss about wedding related stuff, you see. All of a sudden one of our team members gasped and we knew what was coming – an idea! “Hey, I have an idea! Why don’t we do a series on wardrobe choices of real women?” she said with a smug smile on her face, obviously pleased with her brain wave of an idea. The team went berserk and the idea was approved almost immediately.

And then our hunt for real women who are fashionable and stylish with a flair for Indian fashion began. It didn’t take too much time for us to convince them to let us take a peek into their wardrobes. They were all happy and willing to share their wardrobe secrets and fashion preferences. You would be amazed at what we saw in there. Whoever said a woman’s heart is a deep ocean of secrets obviously never heard about a woman’s wardrobe! It’s equally vast and deep, if not more.

So, here we bring you a series of features that will help you sneak into (with their permission, of course) and unravel the mysteries of wardrobes of some very stylish Indian women. Excited? We are super thrilled.

Today we are bringing the first feature in this series –

Meghna Kohli Vachher

Saree by Artisan Saga | Makeup & Hairstyle by Tad Dramatic | Photo by Preetha Nanda Photography| Styling by In Vogue With Meghna 

Meghna is a proud army wife and writes (with confidence, elegance & panache!) for a very popular blog. In addition, she runs her own fashion blog In Vogue With Meghna, loves to follow fashion trends and has a passion for fitness. Oh, and by the way, she also makes time for gardening and reading as well. “Ah! All this, in addition to being a mom to a wonderful teenager.” laughs Meghna and adds “Just that I prioritise my various professional and personal commitments in a very systematic way!”

Wardrobe by Weaver Story | Jewelry by Indu Diva | Makeup & Hairstyle by Tad Dramatic | Photo by Preetha Nanda Photography| Styling by In Vogue With Meghna 

She invites us into her home and we settle down for a little chat.

Shopping Pattern

“I am not an impulsive shopper. I plan my shopping very strategically. I believe that it’s better to have fewer classy items in your collection than an overflowing wardrobe. Haven’t we all heard of the saying “a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear”? Well, I do not like to have that predicament every day.” says Meghna with a smile.

Saree by Artisan Saga | Makeup & Hairstyle by Tad Dramatic | Photo by Preetha Nanda Photography| Styling by In Vogue With Meghna 

Five Timeless Things In My Wardrobe

1. An Emerald-Green Kanjeevaram
It would be an understatement to say that I am completely in love with sarees. And I am a big fan of Kanjeevarams. I find it very hard to explain but there’s something so gorgeous and stylish about a woman in a Kanjeevaram. Isn’t it?!
Around 4 years back, we were posted in a quaint little valley in Arunachal Pradesh with absolutely no shopping avenues. So, naturally I was shopping-starved. On one occasion when we were in Delhi on winter vacation, I decided to indulge myself in retail therapy. I had accompanied my aunt who wanted to buy a Kanjeevaram at Nallis. While I was helping her select a saree, a beautiful emerald-green saree caught my eye. I wouldn’t say it was love at first sight as I didn’t pick it up immediately. But it kept popping up from time to time and by the time my aunt selected her saree, I fell for it. Needless to say, I bought it. I think it was written in the stars! 🙂

Saree by Nalli Silks | Photo by Aghil Menon Photography | Styling – In Vogue With Meghna 

2. Antique Kundan Set
I personally believe that heirlooms are blessings from our elders. My mom-in-law gifted me an heirloom Kundan set on our wedding day. It was gifted to her by her MIL (my husband’s grandmother). It was originally intertwined on a silk thread. I got it set in double strings along with pearls. Yes! I tampered with an heirloom. But if I have to pass it on to my grandson’s wife, I need to add my blessing too, right? 😉

Wardrobe by Pratham – The Saree Courtyard | Photo by Navtej Singh | Styling by In Vogue With Meghna 

3. Da Milano Hand Bag
I must admit, when it comes to bags and footwear, I look for quality and not quantity. I am very choosy in this respect and only buy bags that are chic and classic. I always used to drool over this brand’s hand bags at Delhi T3 terminal. I used to come up with a hundred excuses not to buy any product as it’s a luxury brand and the prices were on steeper side. On one occasion, I saw this hand bag in the store and instantly I was out of excuses not to buy. I really didn’t know why I shouldn’t own this bag. I felt nothing was more important than this bag at that moment (apart from the flight, of course!). And I bought it.

Blouse (Black Shirt) by FabIndia | Neckpiece by Pooja Ganapathy | Hand Bag by Da Milano Italia | Styling by In Vogue With Meghna | Photo by Aghil Menon Photography

Nothing, absolutely nothing, feels better than owning a long wanted piece!
4. Vintage Gold Blouse
Another timeless item in my wardrobe that’s absolutely close to my heart is my maternal grandmother’s pure zari blouse. My grandmother wore a gold zari sharara along with a sleeveless jacket on her wedding day. Remember we are talking about a bride who got married in Pakistan in pre-independence era. How fashionable is she? Later the sharara was divided among her daughters. My mom was given this beautiful gold jacket. She preserved it for her darling daughter (I Me Moi). After my grandma’s demise, my mom found unused bits of the same fabric in her treasury chest (How lucky am I!) and I got sleeves attached to it.

PC & Styling by In Vogue With Meghna

5. Navratna Earrings
I told you about the vintage pieces gifted to me by my mother-in-law and grandmother. Can mothers be left behind in showering love? A part of my mom’s wedding trousseau was passed on to me a few years back. And this handmade light weight Navratna danglers is my favourite. The nine precious stones in different hues make it ultra-versatile. It goes well with any saree.
I wear these earrings whenever I miss my mom. Oh, and by the way, you should see the sparkles in her eyes whenever I wear these earrings. Can anything match the love of a mother?! Don’t think so!

Makeup & Hairstyle by Tad Dramatic | Photo by Preetha Nanda Photography| Styling by In Vogue With Meghna 

“I take really good care of these precious possessions as I am very much intended to pass them on to my granddaughter(s)!” and with that she signs off.

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7 Responses

  1. Charu says:

    Wow! I’d like to come over and take a sneak peek into your wardrobe myself Meghna! That’s an enviable collection!
    But not many people can coordinate, accessorise such that they look so effortlessly gorgeous!
    The Kanjeevaram is my favorite. It looks ravishing on you. I never liked at heirlooms your way! That’s a fantastic idea to give it a trust and add your blessings and identity to the piece!
    Always inspiring Meghna! Keep shining!

  2. Mohua says:

    Lovely reading! It would be a great inspiration to all Indian born women who live abroad.

  3. Manisha Duggal says:

    Beautifully articulated !
    And my dear Meghna , my heart swells with pride to see you featured , honest hard work always takes one to destinations as these . Stay blessed

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