A Sneak Peek At A Haldi Ceremony That’s Oh, So Colorful | Varsha & Ajay

By TGB Desk / On December 4th, 2017

Hello Friends, how are you today?

Gorgeously Colourful! These are the two words that popped up in our head when we first saw the pictures of this beautiful Haldi ceremony, captured so stunningly by Aashish from Aashish Photography. We couldn’t take our eyes off of this traditional Haldi ceremony that was performed at the house of the bride – Varsha. It’s a happy and an intimate ceremony that was celebrated among the close friends and family. You must definitely check it out!

From the bride ‘Varsha‘…”Our dads were colleagues and so we grew up in the same neighbourhood. As we had a lot of common friends, we used to spend a lot of time together during vacations. And before we knew it, we fell for each other. But very soon we had to move to different cities for studies and we continued our long distance relationship. One day I went to meet him and he promised to pick me up from the railway station. But he didn’t turn up as promised. At first, I was little agitated, but soon went into panic mode when he didn’t take my calls. But nevertheless, I went to his home to see what the matter is. The moment I pushed open the front door, I got the shock of my life in a pleasant way! The whole room was filled with red roses and candles. Have never really seen anything that’s so beautiful. Ever! What followed next was just beyond my comprehension. He went down on his knees and formally proposed with a most beautiful gold ring on the earth! And as they say, the rest is history!

We recently got married and it still feels like a dream. We had decided to celebrate Haldi only with the close family members. We had a lovely time. Need to tell you something that happened during Haldi. Someone in the group got carried away a little and started applying the turmeric paste to others. And soon it turned into an impromptu Holi with everyone applying Haldi to each other. I was in my own world (obviously!) oblivious to this flurry of activity around me. And my cousins caught me happily applying the turmeric paste to myself paying no attention to them. They keep teasing me till date. So every time we meet, they repeat the story and pull my leg. You see, now it has become a ritual. It’s fun!”

Congratulations to Varsha & Ajay! May you both fall in love with each other every single day for a thousand years!!

Stay Happy!!!

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