A Rustic Country-Side Couple Shoot That Will Make Your Heart Swoon | Priyanka Reddy & Rohit Reddy

By TGB Desk / On March 28th, 2018

Hello Everyone,

We might be in the minority (we doubt it, though), but we love villages! Come weekend and you can find us travelling to the nearest village. No, seriously! So when we came to know that this adorable couple has planned their couple shoot at their ancestral village, we were absolutely elated. With its old world architectural beauty and rustic charm, their historic ancestral house lent a perfect canvas for the photo shoot of this much in love couple. We fell head over heels in love with the shoot beautifully captured by Harishankar Photography.

But you know what the best part is? The sweet and subtle love story of this gorgeous couple. And of course, the reason (read story) as to why they chose this location for their pre-wed. Ready for story time? And to check out some beautiful pictures? Yes??

Alright, here we go –

From the bride…”Ours was supposed to be a typical arranged marriage, but destiny had a surprise for us in the store. Okay, let me start from the beginning. As in any arranged marriage, our pictures and bio were exchanged and then the parents met. Only then, a meeting was arranged for us and we met along with the families. It was love at first sight for both of us. The moment we saw each other, the whole world just seemed to fade away. It was just the two of us. I even imagined a shower of rose petals!” laughs Priya.

“Rohit left for USA after the meeting. Everything seemed perfect and both the families decided to go ahead. The whole world looked incredibly beautiful as I looked through my rose-tinted glasses. I was waiting for my prince to come take me away. But then there was an unexpected twist to our story. We were informed that Rohit wouldn’t be able to come to India for another six months due to some Visa issues and so the wedding cannot happen immediately as per the plan. But my family was not ready to wait for those many months and so both the families decided to call it off. We were asked to meet other potential life partners. I just cannot forget those days. I was shattered from the inside,” recalls Priya, the pain evident in her eyes.

“And one fine day after six months, I received a call. I will never forget that day. He had landed in Hyderabad and called me directly to know if I would be still interested in getting married to him. And I said yes without blinking an eye. The rest, as they say, is history!” smiles the new bride.

“When it came to deciding the venue for our couple shoot, Rohit’s ancestral home at Khanapur in Medak district (Telangana) was an obvious choice. As the story goes, his great-grandfather dreamt of a village while taking a nap under a tree. Taking that as a divine sign, he went ahead and built a whole village single-handedly. Later, he constructed a house for his family. They say it took around five years to build the house. They had to manually carry the wood & other material required to build a house. It’s a wonder how they did it without any modern techniques or transportation facilities. What better venue than this magnificent house that was built lovingly by his great-grandfather. The moment we stepped into the house, I was at home. We could feel his blessings.” says an excited Priya.

“We are so happy that we hired Harishankar Photography team. They captured every little detail and did complete justice to the beauty of the place. Thanks to them, we have precious memories for life!” she says and signs off.

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