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By TGB Desk / On May 29th, 2018

Hello Ladies,

We at TGB HQ, love gorgeous couple shoots. And for that matter, who doesn’t?

It is quite possible that with time you might forget small little details but you’ll never forget how much excited you felt on that particular day. How lovely it was to spend so much time with your beloved! And how happy you both were together! Isn’t it?

Planning a couple shoot is an uphill task. Quite literally in this case! A lot of couples stress over finding a perfect location, outfits and photographer. Well, this much-in-love couple went ahead and chose a location that’s challenging at best and quite impossible at worst. And not to forget the unpredictable weather. Quite overwhelming! But the outcome is just incredible. This couple shoot would definitely be etched in your minds for its sublime beauty. From the snow-covered peaks to pristine & serene lakes to beautifully rugged terrain, there is nothing that isn’t beautiful. The backdrop is absolutely spectacular. Here is a couple shoot done in Leh in all its glory!

We are absolutely thrilled to feature this lovely couple shoot of an adorable couple who agreed to share their pre-wed session with us. The very talented Team Yeluguri captured this engagement session and must say they have done a wonderful job!

The Location

In the beginning, we had a heated discussion regarding the location for our pre-wed shoot. We considered every possible location in India that’s a popular couple shoot destination, but nothing seemed exciting. Then one day, I was watching my all-time favourite movie, 3 Idiots, for the 100th time and all of a sudden, it struck me. Why not, I thought. I shared my crazy idea with my fiancé and photographer. The boys were equally excited and so it was decided – Leh!!!


It’s customary for the couples to shop for couple shoot outfits once the location is finalised. But we had to first shop for warm clothing as survival is important than a few beautiful pics, you see! Its winter and the temperature would be around -20 to -30 degrees. So we went to Decathlon and found almost all our necessities under one roof. What’s more they even shared some life saving tips useful at that altitude.

I designed all my outfits for the shoot. I chose all my outfits in dark & bright shades as per the suggestions of the photographer. But I couldn’t resist sneaking my beautiful pale pink taffeta silk long dress. According to me it’s the showstopper. It looked splendid against the snow-capped mountains. My husband chose outfits by Divya & Varun.

The Shoot

We were there for 3 days from Dec 28th – 31st 2017. On Dec 28th, we landed in Kushok Bakula Rimpochee Airport in Leh, Ladakh and proceeded to our The Zen Ladakh Hotel. On Day One, we decided to shoot at the Shanti Stupa and Hill Point. The temperature was -23 degrees Celsius. As per the plan I wore my red neoprene sleeveless gown! What was I thinking when I designed it??? It was beyond cold…its something else! But we somehow managed to shoot that day.

On Day Two, we traveled to Pangong Lake (the famous lake where the climax of 3 Idiots was picturised) and I was absolutely thrilled. But to our luck, the temperature fell to -30 degrees Celsius. I couldn’t change into my costumes as it was too cold. But we didn’t feel like letting go of the opportunity and shot few pics in those freezing temperatures. Then the cold struck me with such force that I lost control over my breathing and became unconscious. But my prince charming made me comfortable and revived me. I felt like Princess Anna from Frozen – a princess who found love that warms hearts in midst of a blizzard! 🙂

The weather on Day 3 improved a lot and so I could change into my outfits without a problem. So took advantage of good weather and changed 2 outfits. We shot at a small frozen lake at Srinagar Kyonon Road. We quickly wrapped up our shoot and proceeded to Delhi. Can’t thank the car driver Stamzinstofail and the army who helped us with a smile. A big salute to them who made our life that much easier.
It was some adventure!!!

Places we visited –

1. Magnetic Hill
2. Pangong Tso Lake
3. Shanti Stupa
4. Sangam (Meeting point of Indus and Zanskar rivers)
5. Srinagar Kyonon Road

Food – Parottas, Maggi, Eggs, Tea and Hot Water. Maggi never tasted so good in my life!
And never felt more comfortable in Hot Hyderabad Summer that followed our wedding. It felt like heaven!!!


I think I am damn lucky to have a talented photographer as a friend. He knew perfectly well what we wanted and offered great suggestions. He was of great help during our journey to Leh and captured some memorable moments. Am sure we never would have pulled off this adventurous couple shoot without him! Hire Yeluguri if you want some lovely portraits for life!!!

Phew! How stunning is that?

It’s always a delight to share Yeluguri’s pics. They are just so exquisitely beautiful. What do you think?

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