A Romantic First Anniversary Shoot That’s Pretty As Can Be | Kanthi Nemani & Sairamnadh Teegala

By TGB Desk / On January 30th, 2018

Hi again!

Congratulations, we made it through Tuesday! So just three more days to go until the weekend!! Ha ha! Just Kidding!! On a serious note, we felt we could really use some wedding inspo after the long weekend and as we were flipping through our inbox, we found a note and some pictures from one of our loyal readers and boy, did it lift our spirits! There is nothing like a good photo shoot to make a day better. No, seriously!

Well, let’s tell you this photo shoot is special to not just the couple, who are celebrating their first wedding anniversary but to us as well. She is one of the first brides to have been featured on The Gorgeous Bride. We had the pleasure to have been part of their journey right from their pre-wed till the time they tied the knot! Oh, and by the way, we featured their beautiful post wedding photo shoot as well.

And now, we are featuring their first anniversary photo shoot to celebrate their 365 days of togetherness, 52 weeks of joy and innumerable minutes of memories! Such a special moment for us and why not – they are practically family now!

All set to check out their beautiful photo shoot? Alright, let’s scroll together…

From the bride ‘Kanthi’…”The moment we thought of going for an anniversary photo shoot, I zeroed in on Thanksgiving weekend. I felt the timing would be perfect as it being a long weekend we would have ample time to do the shoot without rushing whatsoever. But what I conveniently forgot to take into consideration was that – it’s a long weekend for others too! And that many of them might be planning for a shoot at that time,” laughs Kanthi and says “So how much ever we tried, we weren’t successful in finding a good photographer. And so I was a little (or should I say very) disappointed. Ram totally tried to raise my spirits in his own sweet way. Another reason why I love him so much!”

“And one day, I happened to meet a good friend of mine and she casually showed me her baby shower pics. I was really impressed with the photography and took the contact number of the photographer. I called him even though I felt I knew the answer. He said he would get back to me after checking his schedule. And I was overjoyed when he called me back to let me know of his availability. So we went ahead with the photo shoot as per our original plan. Our shoot went off without a hitch and Sudesh from Pixel Eye captured all our moments beautifully!” smiles Kanthi, her contentment evident.

When asked how she feels about completing one year of marriage, she says “One year? Wow! The wedding feels like yesterday. It hasn’t sunk in yet. Not sure how time flew by so fast. But I am sure of one thing – Now I feel more anchored than I did my whole life. He just became home to me!” Oh, that twinkle in her eyes says so much!

And One Year Before…

It’s been such a pleasure featuring this wonderful shoot. A huge thank you to Kanthi for sharing these beautiful pictures with us today. And belated Congratulations to Kanthi & Ram! Many more happy returns of the day!!!

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