A New Year, A New Beginning | Kirijana and Niranjan

By TGB Desk / On January 9th, 2017

“Niranjan had shown me complete respect – without exception – at all times! He was very protective and always had my back. He was gentle, caring and treated me like a princess!” says the bride Jana, adding “Overall, he had great personality and that made me say yes!” She pauses to look at Niranjan “And what did you like about me?” she asks with a naughty smile. ” Initially she was a very good friend of mine and nothing else. But as I got to know more and more about her it was very difficult not to fall for her. I felt she is different from others. She spreads positivity all the time and her ideals are higher than the sky! She is strong, confident and has heart of a gold! I just love her more than anything else in the world!!” says Niranjan with a twinkle in his eyes.

Our Love Story

“It all began with me going to a Temple (in Milton Keynes) with a family friend on Tamil New Year. That’s where I met Niranjan. He had come along with his close friend. We din’t talk on that day as we din’t know each other” says Jana. “He later told me that he liked my traditional Kerala saree look on that day. And I felt he was a nice looking guy. Nothing more! Exactly 6 months later I received a message on facebook with a request to add him as a friend. But I refused to! We met a couple of times after our first meeting at Temple but we still weren’t friends, you see” laughs Jana. ” He kept requesting me to add him but I did so only after confirming with a common friend. During one of our conversations he asked me if I was seeing anyone. Not sure why but I said yes and created a random love story. He believed my story and din’t bother me after that day. And I din’t care much.

After a couple of months, I liked one of his facebook posts and then he messaged me. Later that day, he asked me again about my boyfriend. His questions caught me unawares as I had totally forgotten about the story that I had told him by then. So I was forced to tell him the truth and admitted that I was not seeing anyone. That’s when we started getting to know about each other. And finally ended up liking each other. We then decided to meet in person again. He took me shopping and on the way he proposed to me and I said yes” grins Jana.

That same day she thought of telling her mom but she couldn’t garner enough courage to do so. “So I called up my Uncle who stays in France and told him everything. He promised to speak to me in the morning. He then convinced my mom to speak to Niranjan. At first she was a bit formal with him. After a month, both sets of parents got introduced and spoke to each other. His parents were from Srilanka and so my grand mother (who also lives in Srilanka) met them and they exchanged some more information. That’s when it all fell into place” recalls Jana.

“I understood that his biggest dream is to start his own venture and so motivated him to do so. He managed to set up his business without anyone’s help. His maternal aunt (& Uncle) and friends were the only ones who supported him wholeheartedly.
Initially we wanted to get married a year later as the business was in nascent stage. But luckily our venture did really well and became profitable immediately. So we changed our plans and got married in the same year. In 2016 to be precise” she adds proudly. They had a civil wedding at Milton Keynes and then had Sri Lankan style wedding at Chennai.

My shopping experience
“Soon after our civil wedding, we started searching for a good photographer, makeup artist and decorator. I wanted everything to be perfect and so we had gone through so many facebook pages and profiles that we lost count. It was not at all easy for us as we were in London and the wedding was to take place in Chennai.

We had requested a lot of people to help us in finding good vendors. But nothing worked out. So, I decided to do it myself and continued my research with the help of my mom. Finally, we managed to find good vendors. Without my mom’s help and support I wouldn’t have made it.

We enjoyed every single moment preparing for the wedding. We had to buy a lot of things not just for wedding but also to take them home (London). It was fun! Endless research and shopping went on till the wedding date. It was an awesome experience. I wouldn’t trade it for the world!!” smiles Jana 🙂
Wedding Photography
“We just loved Ashwin Th-Clicker Photography. They are the Best! They made our wedding day extra special with superb photography! Oh, and by the way, my husband thought they were brilliant. I know him very well and he isn’t someone who is easily impressed!!!” laughs the bride.

Our Wedding
“Both me and my mom came down to Chennai to oversee the wedding arrangements a month before the actual wedding. As planned our big day was perfect and special. We cherish each and every moment!” with this she smiles and signs off.

A few more beautiful pics from this gorgeous Sri Lankan style wedding…

Congratulations Jana & Niranjan! And here’s to a lifetime of happiness and good fortune!!
Thank you very much for sharing your love story and pictures with us!!

Stay Happy!!!

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