A Multicultural Destination Wedding So Gorgeous We Can’t Stop Dreaming About It | Nitya Srikishen & Puneet Lakhi

By TGB Desk / On May 13th, 2018

Hello All!

We are kicking off Mother’s Day with a beautiful Udaipur wedding. So get ready for a treat today!

This Sunday morning, we are about to share Nitya & Puneet’s multicultural wedding featuring a beautiful blend of Iyengar and Sindhi rituals. This duo met and fell in love in New York, but when it was time to tie the knot, they decided to travel from ‘The City That Never Sleeps’ to the ‘City Of Lakes & Palaces.” They got married in the magnificent Radisson Blu Udaipur Palace Resort & Spa.


Their wedding was beautifully captured by the very talented Hitched & Clicked.

From striking red drapes to lovely flower spheres made of red roses to the gorgeous South Indian bride in a ravishing red Kanjeevaram, everything about this wedding is stunning. Oh, and by the way, the spectacular palace hotel in white marble as backdrop made this wedding truly incredible. Do let us know if this Indian fairy tale wedding doesn’t make you swoon!

How We Met

“We met at a common friend’s birthday party and it was a serendipitous encounter.

I was born and brought up in small southern town in America. After graduating in Journalism from New York University, I was all set to relocate to Boston for work and was looking for an apartment. I was in the midst of planning my move to the new city and that’s when I met Puneet. He approached me at a friend’s birthday and through our conversation I learned that he attended college in Boston and knew the city very well. He promised to visit and show me around the city, and I was absolutely delighted,” Nitya professed. “In that moment, I was so focused on my move – I can’t believe that moment led us to a beautiful future together!”

Puneet (born in Antwerp) moved back home to New York after graduating from Bentley University, and started working in his family’s business – wholesale diamond dealers in Manhattan. “We struck a conversation and hit the right notes from the get-go. I was drawn to her happy demeanour and infectious smile,” says Puneet and smiles at his new bride.

Are those sparkles in her eyes? Before we can decide, she concludes…

“He visited me in Boston as promised and never left my heart,” she smiles coyly.

Wedding Shopping

I did most of my shopping in Chennai, Delhi and Jaipur. Actually scratch that – most of the magic happened on WhatsApp! Can you believe it? 🙂

As a South Indian bride, I was certain that I wanted a classic Kanjeevaram saree for my wedding. This wasn’t my first saree shopping experience, but it was definitely the hardest. I went to Chennai with my mom, aunt and fiancé and am lucky to have found something everyone loved!

Wedding Day

My wedding day was surprisingly calm and peaceful. We had a morning wedding as per South Indian tradition, so I was up bright and early. I got ready relatively quick and had a bit of time to watch the baraat make its way to the mandap and even get a quick meditation in.

We got married in a beautiful ceremony surrounded by our friends and family showering us with flowers and blessings. All of them travelled afar just to be with us on our special day.

We had hoped that the ceremony would run efficiently per Western standards (1 hour max). To say the least, that didn’t quite happen but it was all worth it!

Special Moments

”My father passed away before our wedding, making the Kanyadaan (giving away of the daughter) especially emotional. As per tradition, the father gives the daughter away to the groom. My mother has always been such a strong figure in my life and though tradition deems otherwise, I knew I wanted her to perform this important part of our ceremony,” says Nitya with tears shining in her beautiful dark eyes. We could really see a daughter’s love for her father and mother!

And we think there is no greater ode to the motherhood!!!


Hitched & Clicked was recommended to me by a friend who recently got married in Jaipur. The dynamic duo did our engagement shoot in Udaipur and also photographed us in Neemrana Fort Palace for a bridal campaign several months before the wedding. So by the time our wedding rolled around, we had grown very comfortable working together. They were very accommodating and sweet the entire time and we’re so happy they captured our wedding journey.


Bali! From the crisp azure sky to deep turquoise sea and from fragrant spices to colorful batik, everything about Bali is just so incredible! Every day, we used to wake up to the beautiful songs of the birds and go to bed looking at the starry sky. We had a good time, just the two of us! It was beautiful!

Thank you Nitya & Puneet for sharing your wonderful wedding day with us. May you have a hundred years of happiness together!!! ❤️

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