A Marriage Made In Heaven, Arranged Here On Earth | Gayathri & Dinesh

By TGB Desk / On March 15th, 2017

“One fine day, I got a call from Appa asking me to start for Coimbatore at once” says Gayathri. “At that time, I had just finished my graduation and moved to Chennai as I was placed in a giant hospital chain. The work was very interesting and I was learning a lot. I have totally immersed myself in my work with no other thoughts!” recalls Gayathri with eyes that reflect intense hunger for knowledge as she speaks about her work. A trait that is specific to achievers!

Our Wedding Story

“After the call ended, I started immediately to my hometown as instructed by my father. He din’t give me any reason for this sudden call and I din’t ask him” says Gayathri and adds “But surprisingly I was not anxious. In fact, I had a very good feeling about the trip”.

As she recalls this incident, her face lights up and she speaks with a child-like glee ” All through the journey I had a smile on my face. As I reached my home, I had a feeling that something nice is going to happen. So when my mom told me that we were going to meet a potential groom and his family, I wasn’t surprised at all. I just smiled. My mom was a bit surprised, though, as I haven’t protested or cribbed” laughs Gayathri.

“Finally, they have arrived! That’s when I was (pleasantly) surprised! We both were wearing pretty much same coloured outfits. It’s as if someone had painstakingly colour-coordinated our outfits. We then proceeded to a coffee shop to know each other better”.

She smiles and continues ” After placing an order for coffee, he pauses to look at me and asks me if having too much coffee is good for health. I just couldn’t control my laughter. Being a dietitian, I get to hear these questions day in and day out”.

A few minutes into the discussion he popped the question. “I panicked as it was such a huge decision to make. But then, I felt I had found my soulmate. I din’t feel the need to think any further and so I said “Yes!”” says Gayathri and adds “With great joy our parents announced “Uruthi Varthai” (it’s a customary ceremony in Kongu wedding) and the rest as they say is history”.

“Even now he keeps asking me as to why I liked him. But I keep telling him that there was no specific reason. It just felt right at the time!” chuckles Gayathri. But what is impressive is that she backs up all the milestones in their relationship with dates.

Wedding Shopping

“I feel that I am super lucky! I have always heard my cousins (& friends) complain that their husbands never accompany them on their shopping escapades. But Dinesh used to accompany me always and helped me so much in my wedding shopping. In fact, he used to select everything right from sarees to jewellery and they used to suit me perfectly” says the new bride with a twinkle in her eyes.

“I chose gold jewellery for my engagement and temple jewellery for my muhurtam. And opted for diamond jewellery for reception”.

“For Uruthi ceremony I bought my saree from Kanakavalli, Coimbatore. All my wedding sarees are from Kanchipuram. My suggestion to all those brides who are about to start their wedding shopping –  a personal visit to Kanchipuram is a must if you have the time and means. It’s a textile paradise and the silk sarees are just multi-hued dreams woven in fine silk and gold!”

“I keep telling my friends that if you meet someone and your eyes sparkle then he is the one!”

“Until you find your own fairy tale – eat healthy, stay fit and rock on!!!” she says on a parting note and signs off with her trademark dimpled smile!

Congratulations Gayathri and Dinesh! May your married life be filled with love, joy and laughter!!

Stay Happy!!!

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