A Gorgeous Sun-Kissed Californian Couple Shoot That Stole Our Hearts | Mia Chacko and Marshall Chacko

By TGB Desk / On February 17th, 2018

Hey Lovelies!

We hope you had a fantastic Valentine’s Day, that your Valentine has been good to you, and that you were showered with lots of love, hugs and kisses!

And to add to the joy of this week, we’ve got a lovely couple shoot to share with you guys. Mia and Marshall’s engagement session in California is so sweet, it can give you a toothache. And the magical moments of this day were captured by ever so talented Team Getdrea.

Our Wedding Story

“We met on Christmas Eve, exactly 10 years ago. Marshall, along with his cousins, was visiting his uncle & aunt and all of them decided to attend the Christmas Eve service. I, along with my parents were attending the service at the same Church. At the end of the service, Marshall’s aunt introduced us to each other. Eventually, we became Facebook friends and then exchanged our phone numbers. A couple of years later, he came to meet my parents. And that was the beginning of a beautiful long distance relationship. Eight years down the line, Marshall felt he cannot spend another living moment without ‘Princess Mia’ and so he decided to pop the BIG question! He fell in love, you see,” laughs Mia and winks at Marshall. “Oh yeah,” he says, grinning, “I just fell in love, but she literally FELL down.”

“Really, Marshall? You had to mention that incident?” says Mia, rolling her eyes. “Once it so happened, he was visiting us. I heard the doorbell ring and I ran to get the door. I didn’t realise how cold it was outside until I stepped on to the porch. My feet just froze. So, I turned back with the same speed and tried to run inside the house. But alas, I forgot that there was a glass screen that separates the porch and the room. It was extremely clean and so couldn’t see it. SMASH! I just rammed into it and fell backwards. To my luck, Marshall witnessed this whole incident. I was hoping that he would help me up. But when he didn’t, I brought myself to my feet and turned back to see what was happening. And there he was, rolling on the floor laughing hard. Huh!” she says with mock anger. “Oh, C’mon Mia, it was absolutely hilarious.” he says, chuckling.

A few months after they both started their careers, Marshall decided that it was time to lock things down, get a ring on her finger and close the deal. “One fine day, my brother Kevin asked me to accompany him to his friend’s birthday event in LA. At first, I was a bit reluctant to go, but when I came to know that Marshall is going on a tour to Louisiana with his guy friends for the weekend, I relented. When we reached the venue, my brother looked around a bit surprised and announced that we are little early to the party. So he suggested we take a walk to the lighthouse until everyone turns up. And we did just that. As we were approaching the lighthouse, I saw the pathway lined with candles and strewn with rose petals leading to a beautiful table that had his and my portraits. Obviously, my brother joined forces with the other party! At the end of the pathway, Marshall stood with his trademark, adorable impish grin! And that’s when I realised what was about to happen and reality hit me hard (with red rose petals! Lol). So I walked towards him in a daze with the sound of Thomas Rhett song reverberating in the background. When I reached him, he gave a brief recap of our 8 years of relationship and went down on one knee and asked me if I would give him the privilege of being my husband. I didn’t blink an eye before saying ‘YES! OF COURSE!!!” And the rest, as they say, is history!” recalls Mia with her eyes glittering.

P.S. – After saying yes, we embraced and that’s when all our friends and family jumped from behind the trees and soon it turned into a group Hug!!

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