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A Gorgeous Styled Shoot To Celebrate Festival Of Flowers!

By TGB Desk / On September 26th, 2017

We usually rejoice whenever we receive photo shoot pics from Team Pelli Poola Jada. They take absolute great care during the design process and make sure that the shoot is aesthetically pleasing.

Their poola jadas (bridal braid adorned with fresh flowers) reflect the taste of the brides and perfectly complement the wedding ensemble. It can be said that every poola jada is a perfect blend of color and design. So when they sent pictures from their latest photo shoot we decided to publish them on our blog immediately. Want to know why?

Reason 1 – We just love flowers. Well, for that matter, who doesn’t!!

Reason 2 – There are inspiration shoots and then there are “inspiration shoots”. There are shoots that are done just for the sake of a shoot. Beautiful and vibrant, without a purpose. And then there are shoots that are elegant and colorful like a neatly arranged ‘Bathukamma’ with a beautiful purpose behind it.

Yes, your guess is right. They came up with a styled photo shoot as an inspiration for the young girls and women celebrating Bathukamma (festival of flowers).

Alas! If only we could wear this beautiful hairstyle to work!

The girl looked stunning in a beautiful blue silk tissue saree with simple border and traditional jewelry. The pink elbow length blouse couldn’t have been more perfect, with a cold cut, dangling shoulder jewelry and designer back. Her long dark hair was styled as a braid, with a bun just below the crown and a paranda at the end of the braid. The hair bun and the vaeni (that’s neatly arranged around it) is covered with a floral net. And the braid is adorned with jada billai (hair accessories) made of gold ornaments and flowers. Gorgeous, right?

We just looove this hairstyle! Do let us know what you think…

Stay Happy!!!

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  1. Bhavana GK says:

    Hi I’m searching for gold Jada I found your website on FB.

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