A Dreamy Pre Wedding Photo Shoot With Bridesmaids In A Fairy Land | Coolbluez Photography

By TGB Desk / On March 16th, 2018

Today we’re going to share a shoot that will help us slide into the weekend effortlessly….

As wedding bloggers, we come across a lot of bridesmaid shoots, and believe you us, we haven’t come across a shoot that’s as amazing as this one. We aren’t exactly exaggerating when we say that we want to travel back in time and plan a similar pre-wed photo shoot with our besties! This is one amazing shoot that you will ever lay your beautiful eyes upon! No, seriously!

It looks as if the bride and her squad have somehow managed to enter a fairy-tale world where they stumbled upon a photographer with a magical camera. And the photography team with a magic wand is none other than Coolbluez Photography. The amount of beauty that they captured in this shoot is just incredible.

The bride wore a gown in rich purple hue, a floral tiara and held a pristine white bouquet. Her squad is equally stylish in pink gowns and floral tiaras.

Alright, without further ado, let’s get lost in the beauty of the shoot together –

It looks like super fun, right?

Thanks to Coolbluez Photography for sharing this wonderful shoot for our blog. Impressed with their photography? Want to check out their work? You can visit their facebook page here

So now tell us, who all are planning to go for a pre-wed photo shoot with their best friends forever? 

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