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A Dream Come True Wedding That You’ll Definitely Want to Pause And Check Out | Sherin & Tom, Part II

By TGB Desk / On December 10th, 2017

Like we said the other day, this wedding was made of dreams and was made possible thanks to a dream! At the risk of sounding as a broken record, we are completely in love with this wedding story. It looks like almost every event seems to have been pre-designed by destiny!

How We Met

“It all started with a harmless friend request from a guy (who is a doctor) on Facebook. Initially, I have ignored it as I felt it isn’t wise to accept a request from a stranger. But my cousin Ajay (his friend & school mate) made me accept it. That’s when Ajay had hinted that Tom likes me and requested me to think about the plausible marriage alliance. I was furious with Ajay (poor guy!) and gave him a piece of my mind for saying that,” laughs Sherin.

“You see, I never wanted to get married to a Doctor in the first place. In fact, that was the only condition from my side when my parents started looking for alliances – No doctors, please! With due respect to all the doctors out there, I felt they are married to their profession and have no life outside medical journals and hospitals,” says Sherin amidst giggles. As she says this, her beautiful eyes had an unmistakable mischievous glint.

“Oh, come on! What makes you think that doctors don’t have a life outside of work? Agreed that we have long, stressful hours at work, but with a bit of planning and discipline work-life balance can be achieved,” says Tom, rolling his eyes.

“Oh, please relax! I was about to say that I had this ridiculous opinion (about doctors) until I met you, Mr. Achacha!” smiles Sherin and pats on his back. “So coming back to the story, what I wanted to say is, I had no intention whatsoever to communicate with him even though we were now connected on Facebook. Strangely enough, there were no messages from him as well. And I was super happy! But I realised something else – the whole day I kept checking for any new messages. The fact that I started missing a person who hasn’t even bothered to message me disturbed me a little,” she breaks into a beautiful smile.

She went to bed a little perturbed that night and something strange (in a good way) happened. “I had a dream that would change my thinking and in a way, my whole life! I dreamt of my beloved Achappan (my late Grandfather). In the dream he points towards Tom and says he is ‘the one’ and then blesses me! And I woke up with a start. It all felt so real. I could feel his presence and knew it wasn’t a random dream. He wanted to guide his beloved granddaughter,” says Sherin.

She pauses and then adds, “Surprisingly, Tom messaged me the same morning and then there was no stopping us. After about a month, I told my parents about him and they didn’t have a problem with it. But still we had another set of parents to be informed and convinced. So my dad went to Kerala (we are settled in UK) and met his parents. The day my dad was supposed to meet his parents, we met at his hospital cafeteria. We were super tensed when my phone buzzed and I read out the message from my Pappa aloud – ‘Congrats Sherin! The wedding date has been finalised!!’ I was so overjoyed, I just hugged him in front of hundreds of people,” blushes the new bride. She adds, “What happened next is a blur! The time just flew by and we got married in a beautiful Church wedding in our home state, Kerala. It still feels like a dream.” After a moment, he nods as if he understands the feeling. You know the couple has a deep emotional connection when both are in tune with each others’ emotions and feelings!

Wedding Shopping

I was in a fix when my MIL invited me to Kerala for wedding shopping. All along I had been dreaming of going to Mumbai or Delhi for shopping. But I decided to go ahead and visit Kerala once. The thing is she is too sweet to say no to. So I secretly planned to go to Kerala first, check out few boutiques, tell everyone that I didn’t like any and go to Mumbai. Everything went as per my plan except when I met Poornima Indrajith of Pranaah! Just two minutes into the conversation, I understood she knew her craft too well. With every passing minute, I fell over and over again for her ideas. She took my fuzzy inputs and gave her expert insights. She even got our names embroidered on the tassels of my red lehenga. How cool is that?!

It isn’t an exaggeration to say that I could sleep well after I met her. She brought all my fashion dreams come true! Come to think of it, this wedding has cleared all my apprehensions!!” chuckles Sherin.

Wedding Day

“We got married at our ancestral home in Kottayam, Kerala. All of us arrived in Kerala for the wedding and it started raining heavily. We were all worried as the wedding venue was an open air one and there is nothing we could do about it at such a short notice. But on the day of my wedding, it stopped raining. It didn’t rain until we got married. After the wedding ceremony, it started drizzling. Soft rain that felt like a blessing. My guardian angel, Mr. Achappan at work? Most probably! And that’s when I danced with happiness.

My mom kept warning me that I would soil my precious lehenga, but mostly she was amused. After a few seconds, all my cousins and friends joined along with the Orchestra team. We had an impromptu rain dance party in our own garden. Along with them, I danced my heart out!” says Sherin with a smile that lights up her face and makes her eyes dance with delight!

Overwhelming Moment

I didn’t know when exactly tying of the Thaali (sacred necklace) ceremony would take place during the wedding. But I knew the Bishop would call both of us individually to bless us by placing a blessed chain around our neck. First, Tom was called and then when my turn came, I went forward and was preparing to go back to my position. Bishop stopped me and asked Tom to come forward again and then it struck me. That was the moment! Oh, I really cannot describe it. I felt I have been waiting my whole life for this one moment. I think the Bishop could sense how I felt. He had a cheeky smile all through the ceremony. Now when I look back at it, I can’t help but smile.

Wedding Photography

I always used to like Sharon‘s work and had decided long back to hire him for my wedding. And then forgot all about it. Soon after the wedding date was out, we started scouting for wedding photographers, but couldn’t decide on anyone. That’s when I logged into Facebook and the first post I saw was that of Sharon Shyam Photography. And that sealed the deal. I just went ahead and booked a slot with them. He is one of those few photographers who took the wedding photography to the next level. We are beyond overwhelmed with joy and gratitude for all the beautiful moments he had captured. He could capture our special day in all its beauty!

Such a gorgeous wedding!

Many many thanks to Sherin and Thomas for sharing their special day with us! May you have a long and happy marriage, and may force be with you!!

Stay Happy!!!

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