A Classic Engagement Ceremony To Remember And Be Inspired By | Keerthana & Teja

By TGB Desk / On January 11th, 2018

Wish You A Very Happy New Year, everyone!
We have come across this beautiful engagement ceremony recently and just couldn’t help but share it with you guys. And the bridal fashion! Oh, please don’t get us started! We just fell head over heels with her gorgeous haute couture Kanjeevaram saree, dazzling jewelry and overall look. In short, with her simply stunning bridal look she has taken the wedding fashion to the next level. To be honest, we knew we were going to feature her on our blog the very first time we saw her pictures.

Everyone who knows us knows that we are absolutely obsessed with lush Kanjeevarams. And this bride’s luxe Kanchi pattu saree (with Ikat design) from Gaurang Shah is nothing less than a show-stopper!
Adorned with exquisite diamond jewelry, she looks more like a princess than a bride. Now isn’t that how every bride wants to look like?!
And special mention needs to be made about décor by Decomantra. It’s floral and fantastic!
And now without much ado, let’s take a look at some beautiful engagement pictures together, shall we?

From the bride ‘Keerthana’…”My fiancé is someone who doesn’t like grand events. He always wanted a simple and humble ceremony. But I have always dreamt of a lavish affair with celebrations spanning over multiple days. Teja’s mom also wanted a beautiful wedding for her only son. Both of us were a bit anxious and didn’t know how to convince him. But when he came to know about my dream (& his mom’s wish), he agreed to it without protest,” smiles the new bride and adds “My mother in law and I used to exchange worried glances during the long wedding rituals and ceremonies. But he never showed his displeasure whatsoever. Ever! What amazed us is that he participated in all the ceremonies and rituals with more gusto than us!”

“After our engagement ceremony, we found a quiet moment to reminisce and he asked me if I were happy with the arrangements. That’s when it struck me – he did this just for me! He wanted me to be happy! Oh, I fell in love with this wonderful man all over again!!” she says and blushes.
“Wedding shopping was a breeze because I already had decided where I would buy my (& Teja’s) outfits long before we even thought about getting married. We have a few fixed boutiques (in Hyderabad & Delhi) from where we usually buy all our outfits for any wedding in the family. So that was super easy,” laughs Keerthana.

Magical Makeover Studio Team is absolutely amazing. Raju from Magical Makeover Studio is a true professional and has a beautiful eye for colour. My makeup remained flawless throughout my engagement day. They are the best! I would recommend them to anyone!!” she says with a smile.
“Oh, and before I forget, photography by One Fine Day is incredible. Teja is a little camera shy and so I know how difficult it is to capture beautiful moments. But Bhavna and her team have done an exceptional job and captured the most precious moments. Every time I take a look at our engagement pics, I have a smile on my lips and tears in my eyes. Thank you very much, Bhavna!” says Keerthana before signing off.

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