A Beautiful Sangeeth Party That Left Us Awe-Inspired | Aishwarya & Shanthan

By TGB Desk / On December 27th, 2017

Hey! Hey! Hey! What’s up with you guys? Busy planning for the New Year party? “Well, this year went fast”, is this what you have been thinking for the last few days? Well, let’s tell you a secret. You are not alone, we feel the same way! All of a sudden, the year is coming to a close, and after all the hard work we’ve put in, we deserve to let our hair down and have a New Year Party! Don’t we? Since everybody is in the party mood, we thought this might be the perfect timing to share some pictures from a Sangeeth party that just blew us away.

To be honest, there is nothing about today’s Sangeeth party that we don’t love.

From style to decor and from setting to fashion, everything is on point. This romantic, fun-filled and super chic affair was captured by @Karan Soma Photography

Alright, will let you check out amazing pictures from an amazing party….

From the bride Aishwarya…”The party was a blast. Want to tell you something funny that happened during the party. So we were made to play the wedding shoe game at our reception. We were asked to sit on the dais, back-to-back and asked to exchange one shoe. And so both of us were holding one of each shoe. The audience would shout the questions (the answer is either ‘The Bride’ or ‘The Groom’) and both of us just need to hold up the shoe of the correct answer. So for instance, if the question was “Who is the fitness freak” and the answer is the bride, they both should hold up the bride’s shoes. Friends keep a tally on how many questions we answered the same and let us know at the end. Got it, right?

So someone from the audience asked “who likes to stay out super late at nights”. Even before I could react, Shanthan immediately stood up on the chair with my shoe held high, like an Olympic torch. The entire audience burst out laughing. The thing is, when we first met, we used to party till 5 AM, have food and go home by 7 AM. I am someone who can party till the break of the dawn and Shanthan couldn’t do it as he was not used to staying late at night. He managed to negotiate (read plead) an agreement. So then we started going home a little after midnight. And now the entire family knows that Shanthan would herd me home by 2 AM!

Psst…But we all partied till the wee hours on our Sangeeth! Lol”

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