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7 Stylish Blouses That Perfectly Complement Kanjeevaram Sarees

By TGB Desk / On July 7th, 2017

Over the weekend, we received an interesting e-mail from a new bride who is one of our loyal readers. She has been gifted a lot of Kanjeevaram sarees by both her Mom and Mom-in-law during her wedding. In addition, she has a couple of heirloom sarees that her grandma has given her. With the Sravana masam round the corner and the wedding season about to begin, she is on lookout for trendy blouse designs for her precious silk sarees and wanted to know if we can help. Of course, we can!

Often it seems that the only option available for the Kanjeevaram sarees is an elaborately embroidered (maggam work) SiCo blouse and it’s plain frustrating. But trust us, the trends have changed and there are lots of gorgeous and versatile blouse designs available out there. It’s hard to believe but honestly the era of statement blouses has begun.

Want to know why?

With the renewed interest by fashionistas in the saree, the fashion designers have been taking keen interest about it’s accomplice – Blouse! As a result, the simple blouse has come a long long way from one metre ‘matching’ fabric.

Here is a list of 7 blouse designs that can lend style to your Kanjeevaram sarees – 

1. Puff Sleeves

PC – Harishankar Photography

Puff sleeves complement traditional Kanjeevaram sarees really well. These sleeves add an instant chic and feminine vibe to the whole ensemble. Go for traditional puff sleeves that are bunched up heavily at the crown and at the hem if you want the conventional look. Else opt for a deflated puff sleeve for that casual look. In addition, you can experiment with the length of the sleeves depending on your tastes. You need to keep in mind that puff sleeves add volume to the upper half of your body and so if you have bulky arms then you need to be a little careful while experimenting with this trend. Hit the gym with vengence for those toned arms and then you can wear your heart on your pretty ‘puff sleeves’!

2. Elbow length sleeve with big border

PC – Sumuhurtham Photography

This trend from our grandma’s era has resurfaced sometime back and we couldn’t be happier about it. A simple silk blouse with huge Kanjeevaram borders for (elbow length) sleeves lends a royal look to the ensemble that no other blouse can give. This trend is not a short-lived one and is not going anywhere for a while so go ahead and get some blouses with borders!

3. Brocade Blouse

PC – Duet Photography

Team up your Kanjeevaram saree with a brocade blouse if you want to up the ante. In fact, brocade blouse looks great with just about any saree. Add light embroidery to highlight the design and some tassels and you have a showstopper outfit.

4. Net Blouse Design

PC – Ashwin Th-Clicker Photography | Blouse Design – Vanitha Couture

An interesting trend that’s worth noting is teaming up a Kanchi pattu saree with a net blouse. You can use netted material for sleeves or at the back of the blouse with some zardosi, stone or kundan work. Oh, and by the way, do let us know if these blouses don’t leave you with a feeling of whimsy!

5. High Neck Blouse

PC – Chethan Royie Photography | Design – Doll Boutique | Makeup&Hairstyle – Vinyasa Hippla 

Another trend that’s fast catching up is high neck blouse. These blouses are for someone who wants to wear a Kanjeevaram saree with a twist. Complement it with statement jewelry and you are good to go!

6. Cold Shoulder

 Blouse –Dhanya’s Label | Saree-Nishras Couture | Makeup&Hairstyle – Smink Up

Cold shoulder trend has made a fashionable comeback and is trending once again! Team up your pattus with cold shoulder blouse for that chic look. No, seriously. If you want to stand out in the crowd then go for this trend. Don’t shy away from flaunting your slender shoulders!

7. Blouse with Cape

Blouse –Dhanya’s Label | Saree-Nishras Couture | Makeup&Hairstyle – Smink Up Floral Accessories – Pelli Poola Jada

Why not be more experimental with my wardrobe this season? If this is the question that’s lingering in your mind then go ahead and get a cape blouse done. Yes, capes are in and women aren’t hesitating to wear capes with their traditional Kanjeevaram sarees. What makes this trend stand apart is it’s westernised take on the traditional blouse. Try!

So there you go. Your ‘upcoming wedding season’ wardrobe has been all sorted out!

PC –

Now that we have helped you in identifying some stylish blouse options for your Kanjeevarams, we are expecting a thank you card! Nah, just kidding!

But don’t forget to let us know if you have blouses in unique patterns. We would love to take a look.

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