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5 Gorgeous Jhumka Designs You Should Try This Wedding Season

By TGB Desk / On June 3rd, 2017

We are enormous fans of ‘Jhumkas’ here at TGB HQ and it is no secret! Long, Layered, the ones with ear cuffs –  you name it, we love it. We personally feel that the lure of a gorgeous pair of Jhumkas is very hard to resist. This dramatic accessory, when teamed up with right ensemble, can enhance the whole bridal look. This could be the reason why this timeless and classic accessory has occupied a pride of place in the hearts (and the wedding trousseau) of the South Indian brides and has never gone out of style. The essentially traditional design of the jhumka earrings lends a beautiful old world charm to the wearer.

PC: Photriya Photography

There is definitely something poetic about a bride adorned with Jhumkas that sparkle and glow with each step she takes towards the wedding altar.

PC: Aarudra Photography

Are you looking for some jhumka inspiration? Recently we have been going through some beautiful bridal portraits and decided to put together few jhumka designs for your reference (Oh, thats okay, you can thank us later!). So without further ado, here we go!!!

Temple Design Jhumkas

Originally temple jewellery was crafted for adorning the deities. With the passage of time, temple dancers who entertained the audience with their dances started adopting this jewellery style. With the spread of Bharatanatyam, these designs found their way into the wedding trousseau of South Indian brides. Temple designs are dominated by Gods( & Goddesses), peacock, elephant, paisley and floral motifs. These are perfect for brides who want authentic traditional look.

PC: Dilipan Photography

PC: Mystic Studios

PC: Aarudra Photography

Stone Encrusted Jhumkas

Stone encrusted jhumkas are basically jhumkas that are studded with precious stones such as rubies and emeralds. These earrings have a sophisticated and regal appeal that’s hard to resist. 

PC: Harishankar Photography

PC: Studio 31

PC: Ashwin Th-Clicker Photography

PC: Neeta Shankar Photography

Diamond Jhumkas

Diamond Jhumkas are for someone who is not very keen to wear traditional jewellery with large chunky designs. Diamond earrings look flattering with any wedding ensemble and add an unmistakable ‘Wow factor’. Which bride wouldn’t want spectacular diamond jhumkas brushing against her rosy cheeks and reflecting light off her porcelain skin?!

PC: Ashwin Kireet Photography

PC: Pixel Army

PC: Aarudra Photography

PC: Sumuhurtham Wedding Photography

PC: UM Pictures India

Psst….gift her these opulent jhumkas if you want her eyes to sparkle like diamonds!

Pearl Jhumkas

A pearl is considered as a symbol of grace, beauty, purity and love. Pearl jewellery looks elegant and ethereal, adding to the feminine grace. The timeless beauty of pearls when combined with luxurious touch of Gold creates classic statement pieces that are perfect for a stylish bride-to-be. 

PC: Ashwin Th-Clicker Photography

PC: Lakshmi Photography

PC: Ashwin Th-Clicker Photography

PC: Aa Photography

A bride wearing beautiful pearl jhumkas (circumference of the jhumka adorned with clusters of tiny little pearls) is a sight to behold!

Kashmiri Jhumkas

Kashmiri jhumkas come along with a long pearl chain attached to the jhumkas. The long chains are often tucked behind ears or pinned to the hair just above the ears. These jhumkas are definitely statement pieces and create a dreamy, whimsical feel!

PC: Ashwin Th-Clicker Photography

A few more types of Jhumkas that real brides flaunted –

Long Jhumkas; PC: UM Pictures India

Large Statement Jhumkas; PC: Ashwin Kireet Photography

Umbrella Design Jhumka; PC: Aarudra Photography

Layered Jhumkas; PC: Photriya Photography

Chandbali Jhumkas; PC: Sumuhurtham Wedding Photography

Aren’t they just so adorable?!

Now you have all the inspiration you need to go ‘Jhumka’ earring shopping! Do let us know if you are planning to opt for ‘Jhumkas’ for your wedding. And by the way, which is your favourite design? Like we said at the start, we love all the designs but at the moment we are swooning over chandbali jhumkas! 

Have A Beautiful Sunday!!

Stay Happy!!!

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