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18 Stylish Couples Who Took Fashion Trend To The Next Level With Their Matching Outfits

By TGB Desk / On February 14th, 2018

Hello Y’all! How are you doing?

We are writing this blogpost as we’re absolutely excited for Valentine’s Day! Now don’t get us wrong – we are completely against the crass commercialisation of Valentine’s Day. So while we do not scream at our better halves for not gifting us a diamond solitaire today, we will definitely not say No to a red rose. We think life is too short to miss an opportunity to show love to someone special. Isn’t it?

Coming to the point, our team couldn’t come to a consensus about the topic for today. So the whole team clustered together, some with mugs of hot coffee and some with popcorn. After browsing through scores of pics shared by some of the super talented photographers, something very interesting came to our notice. Increasingly, couples have been trying to coordinate their outfits. Such a cute way to express your affection to your love and make a definite statement to the world that both of you are together!

So we’ve rounded up Eighteen couples who have coordinated their outfits and looked super cute. Here is the list in no particular order –

PC – Lumiere Wedding Company

PC – Sunny Dhiman Photography


PC – Harishankar Photography

PC – Mystic Studios

PC – Devasyah Studios

PC – Destination Photographers

PC – Neeta Shankar Photography

PC – Fifth Angle Studios

PC – Studio A by Amar Ramesh

PC – Deepak Vijay Photography

PC – Design Aqua

PC – Yeluguri Entertainment

PC – Aashish Photography

PC – Robin Saini Photography

PC – Dipak Studios

PC – Design Aqua

PC – Jeevan Wedding Arts

Stunning, right?

A few style tips to ensure you and your better half look fashionably sync –

1. A simple way you can match your outfits is choosing outfits in the same color. If you think that’s a little boring, then you can liven it up with accessories.
2. Are you planning to wear the same tops and bottoms in same colors and patterns? Please! Instead, you can look stylishly-in-sync when you go for alternating matching outfits.
3. Please bear in mind that you need not wear same clothing items to synchronise your look. You can wear the same items in different colors or different items in same colors.
4. Do you think wearing matching outfits is just too much for your fashion sensibilities? But you still find it cute? Do not fret! You can do it in a subtle way. For instance, he could wear a tie matching your outfit colours. 
5. You can add some of your personality as a couple into your wardrobe. Do you like sports? Did you meet each other as High schoolers? Let the world know about it through your fashion choices!

So, let us know if you are planning to coordinate your outfits for your couple shoot or wedding. 

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

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