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15 Brides Who Slayed In Their Red Bridal Blouse At The Wedding

By TGB Desk / On March 28th, 2019

When it comes to wedding attire, red has been dominating the wedding scene for as long as we can remember. During wedding season, it isn’t very difficult to come across a bride who sports a complete red bridal ensemble.

And before you guys assume that we do not like red, we want to clarify something. We LOVE it. We absolutely adore it. Because who doesn’t love this bright, rich and vibrant hue?!

A red outfit is timeless and it lends a classy elegance to the whole wedding day look. What do you say?

But if you are someone who feels that bright red is too dark a colour for your taste, then you might take inspiration from one of these brides who chose a beautiful red blouse for their wedding saree (be it “red” or not). What a brilliant idea! You can actually have your cake and eat it too (so to say).

Oh, and by the way, if you are someone like us, who is obsessed with Red, then get ready to be overwhelmed by a strong urge to go shopping! 

Take a look at 15 brides who sported lovely red bridal blouses and rocked it ‘Like a Boss’ –

PC – Dark Chamber Studio

PC – Light Bucket Productions

PC – Vinuparavoor Photography

PC – Zero Gravity Photography

PC – Iswarya Photos

PC – Dark Chamber Studio

PC – Clique Studio | MUAH – Magical Makeover Studio

PC – Magic Motion Media

PC – Krishnam Photography

PC – Studio 31

PC – Aswinsuresh Photography

PC – Lumiere Wedding Company

PC – Golden Shutter Studio | Blouse – Sruthi Kannath

PC – Shadows Photography

Blouse & PC – Sruthi Kannath

These are stunning, right?
So let us incorporate this vibrant color which signifies leadership, courage, vigor, rage, joy, action, determination, radiance and romance in our wedding wardrobe! What say?!! 

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