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10 Stylish Women Who Totally Nailed Traditional Kalamkari Saree with Panache!

By TGB Desk / On January 6th, 2017

It goes without saying that Kalamkari (or Qalamkari) is incredibly classic and truly timeless. With it’s distinct colour palette and exquisite hand drawn motifs (inspired from Hindu epics and mythological classics) it creates visual magic that casts a spell! Srikalahasti, the quaint little temple town in Andhra Pradesh has cradled this beautiful art form which exudes masterly workmanship and artistic brilliance.

For sometime now Kalamkari has caught the fancy of fashion designers and the fashion lovers alike. It has always been a favorite of handloom enthusiasts but the renewed interest and revival of quintessential Indian saree have given it a fresh lease of life. With ornate motifs and intricate designs, Kalamkari sarees often make their way to the wardrobe of every saree connoisseur. From effortlessly chic and incredibly gorgeous to ridiculously elegant and impossibly glamorous, a traditional Kalamkari saree can help you make a fashion statement whatever be the occasion. Thanks to the saree groups, we have rounded up some of the gorgeous Kalamkari sarees sported by saree enthusiasts for your inspiration –

                                    PC: Shubha Satish

We are totally in love with this Kalamkari saree in Marsala – a beautiful rich hue! This saree is a beautiful blend of colours and motifs that simply oozes aesthetic appeal. Rama Pattabhishekam (Coronation ceremony of Lord Sri Ram) and Ram Darbar are vividly depicted on the pallu and the top border respectively. Isn’t it gorgeous?!

            PC: Pooja Ganapathy

We are stumped by how chic Kalamkari saree looks when it’s draped in a different style! The combination of stunning Kalamkari saree and those pretty accessories is making it difficult for us to not stare at this lady ! Seriously stunning!!

PC: Radhika Prabhu

This Kalamkari saree is about as gorgeous as it gets – jaw dropping! We never knew Kalamkari sarees could be this beautiful. Unique colour combination coupled with traditional Mudra design is what makes this saree stand out!

PC: Kamala Iyer

We are loving this beautiful green Kalamkari saree with hand painted Raja – Rani faces (Mukham Design). Just love how she has teamed it up with a contrast blouse with hand painted Durga face on the sleeves. We think this pretty saree has elegance written all over it!!! What say?!

PC: Neelima Kamrah

It’s black, it’s Kalamkari and it’s beyond beautiful! Do we need to say more?!

                          PC: Ranjana Parihar

Just a look at this gorgeous Kalamkari saree is so blissful! We are completely in love with the floral motifs in vivid hues. This one just made it to our ultimate favorites list!

                                         PC: Kritika Ebrahimpurkar

Isn’t it pretty?! The gorgeous rich color of red and the peaceful Budha face motifs have taken this saree to the next level.

            PC: Aruna Boyina

Such a beautiful saree! We just can’t take our eyes off this emerald green silk saree!! A touch of elegant Kalamkari at the borders is making it look so majestic…

            PC: Hema Balakrishnan

We absolutely adore this Kalamkari saree in beautiful earthy tones. And when you accessorise it with the terracotta jewellery it gives you a very rustic vibe. Perfect combination!

      PC: Priya Krishnamurthy

This saree proves again that simplicity is the soul of elegance! It is really difficult not to fall in love with this classy saree.
Sigh! Just doing this feature on Kalamkari sarees was enough to motivate us to go on a serious shopping spree!
So, who else is obsessed with Kalamkari?

Stay Happy!!!

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