10 Breakfast Recipes To Impress Your Lady Love On Your Wedding Anniversary

By TGB Desk / On December 20th, 2016

Are you planning a romantic candle light dinner under the stars, right on the beach, to impress your better half? That’s amazing! We are pretty sure she would be super impressed! But why do you want to wait till the dinner time to impress her? Why don’t you surprise her at the crack of the dawn with your culinary skills? Make her favorite breakfast and serve it in bed or dining table. And then watch the sun rise on her face! Isn’t that awesome?! So, we wanted to contribute to this noble cause from our end as well and we did what we can do better – share the recipes that come straight from the kitchens of food bloggers themselves! 🙂

Paper Dosa

It’s a favorite across India and you can never go wrong with this breakfast dish. Serve crispy dosa with freshly made chutney, fiery gun powder and hot sambar. Now, don’t forget the filter coffee!

Recipe source – by Alka Jena

For recipe click here

Mumbai Style…Misal Pav

A time tested recipe – this dish will for sure bring a smile on her face. Serve this spicy dish with chopped onions, tomatoes, green chillies, coriander, lime wedges, farsan (fried Indian snack) and local bread ‘pav’. Make this and it would be polished off even before you can wink! 😉

Recipe source – by Manisha Chakraborty

For recipe click here

Sundaikkai Godhuma Rawa Upma (Broken Wheat Upma)

When you make this special upma it is very hard for your better half to say ‘No’ to breakfast. I call it special because turkey berries are used in this preparation. So basically you are not just serving tasty breakfast but also a healthy one. Try it out!

Recipe source – by Neeru Srikanth

For recipe click here

Chholar Dal and Luchis (Bengali style chana dal & deep fried flat bread)

This breakfast is for those winter mornings when waking up becomes a difficult chore. Serve this gorgeous dal with fried coconut pieces and Luchis. This dish will awaken your spirit and gets you going in a jiffy.

Recipe source – by Maumita Paul Ghosh

For recipe click here

Adai With Tomato Onion Chutney (Mixed Dal Dosas)

This dish packs the goodness of lentils and thus makes a wholesome meal. It would not just satisfy your stomach but also your soul! Serve it with spicy tomato and onion chutney if you want to win her heart.

Recipe source – by Shreya Ashish Tiwari

For recipe click here

Grilled Haloumi Spinach Open Sandwich

Another healthy breakfast to dig in and a perfect way to start your day. Spinach, cheese, eggs, roasted sunflower seeds, bread – nothing can be more healthier! Serve this and she would love you for eternity!!

Recipe source –

For recipe click here

Mooli Paratha 

This is one dish that is incredibly popular with north Indians. This paratha is simply delicious and finger licking good. Serve it with achaar (pickle) and a glass of juice or Lassi (sweetened buttermilk) and win her heart hands down!

Recipe source – by Alka Jena

For recipe click here

Chocolate Coffee Almond Granola

Another breakfast that’s perfect for winter mornings. Want to know why your dearest wife would love this? It has everything women want (except, of course, diamonds!) – coffee, chocolate, honey, fresh fruit and nuts! Super healthy and super tasty! Go for it!!

Recipe source – by Roopamadhuri

For recipe click here

Sweet Potato Pancakes With Maple Syrup And Walnuts


Caution – If your wifey dearest starts loving pancakes more than you, don’t blame us! We already warned you. But jokes apart, there is no other dish that’s so delicious and fulfilling. Serve this ‘breakfast fit for a queen’ with dollops of maple syrup & handful of walnuts.

Recipe source – by Alka Jena

For recipe click here

Samosas And Jalebis

No, don’t ask! We know what you want to ask!! And yes, samosas and jalebis are eaten for breakfast!!! Ask your Bengali friends and they would certainly vouch for this fact. Serve hot spicy samosas & plump jalebis for morning breakfast with garam chai (hot tea) and watch her face radiate child like glee!

Recipe source – by Somedutta Sengupta

For recipe click here

So tell us which dish are you making for your beloved. And by the way, if your wedding anniversary is far away then make one of these dishes this weekend. After all, you don’t need an occasion to profess your love for your life partner! Do you?!

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